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Looking for a Chicken Salad recipe

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I have a hankering for chicken salad - I have 2 chickens ready to throw on the Egg tomorrow... how do you make your chicken salad???
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Cut up the chicken in cubes, Couple cubed up hard boiled eggs, Bit of fresh onion, Sweet pickle relish. sea salt, pepper, and dash of creole seasoning. Mustard, and mayo. Cant tell you exact amounts of any of it. kind of been eye balling it for years and adding ingrediants to taste.
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Sounds about right no relish in mine I use brown mustard and curry powder in mine for a nice depth of flavor oh and needs some celery too. Smoked chicken really helps this out my g/f and kids always ask for this the next day.
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Ours is perty basic, some left over pulled an chopped smoked chicken, some miracle whip, a bit a pepper, maybe some celery if momma ain't lookin. Dash of onion powder is nice to.

This way ya still get the flavour a the smoked chicken.
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Try the Food Network Spicy Chicken Salad recipe. It is great.

Made with avocado, cilantro, onions and peppers w a little dijon mustard. It's VERY good stuff.
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Thanks guys! I pulled 2 chickens off the Egg about 3 hours ago so it is definately going to be smoked chicken going into the mix.
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good call on the curry powder

I use:

cubed chicken(sometimes I pulse the chicken in the food processor for something different)
sweet relish
black pepper
chopped onion
chopped celery
curry powder
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I usually make a Grilled/Smoked chicken ziti salad:

spring onion
red onion
grape tomatoes
kalamata olives
red peppers
yellow peppers
feta cheese
ziti pasta, mix all with dressing of :mayo, dijon, vineger, spices, etc..

Good stuff - colorfull - crowd pleasing.
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to taste, mayo, onion,celery, pecans or walnuts, carrots, smoked barnyard byrds, shove between a kaiser roll and enjoy.
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I worked in a resturant when I was in college. They had a basic chicken salad recipe, but added white seedless grapes to it.
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