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Help Tiger Out.....

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This is freakin' hilarious...The link just went out to all of my buddies too.

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Yahoo got a Ho in one.icon_mrgreen.gif
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I got all but 3 hoe's down.
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Nailed her!
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Headshot!! awesome game!!!
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Funny and fun. thanks for sharing.
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That's funny!!!
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haha thats awesome. 9 under par with 1 blabber.
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Best round I had was a 21.......PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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i finally got got all of them, can't wait for the other nine to try to go public..
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This is awesome! Thanks for the link. I've got about 2 dozen rounds under my belt. Low score (so far) is 18. Ho in 1 on the first 5 holes, er hos.
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