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Couple of Enh. Pork Loins for dinner QVIEW

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So I got off work this morning and realized that I hadn't bothered to defrost anything for dinner and that I had 2 more teenage mouths to feed so I stopped by the store on my way home and grabbed a couple of enhanced loins :cry: Not enough time to marinade them properly so it was a little rib treatment.. Some mustard and rub wrap them up toss them in the fridge and off to bed for 3-4 hours of sleep.. GAWD I hate night shift... :evil:
Got up around 1:30 pulled them out unwrapped them and let them come up to room temp while the smoker got warmed up...
Ready to go into the smoker...

They've been in for a couple hours so far.. Just mopped them with a little apple cider, Stubbs original sauce, Tony's, and a touch of honey...

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Well they sure are looking good so far, love smoking loins not only because they are delicious but because they only take a few hours to come to temp.
Looking forward to sliced pics!
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Looks great Gunner. Nice job.
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Well here's the finished product... pulled them at 158 (for the one pictured) and 160 for the larger shorter one that I sliced after dinner for lunches this week.

Ready to slice

All plated up...

These were both cooked at ~245ish with a mix of 50% Apple and 50% Hickory.. Think I might back off on the hickory next time and maybe use Alder instead.
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Looks great points.gif

Alder and apple would work great for less of that bold smoke flavor, I like to use oak and apple on mine.
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Looks great ...never thought of smoker stuff as quick
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I had looked around and was seeing that most loins were taking 2 1/2 - 3 hours to cook so to me thats about the same as in an oven and if I can cook it in the oven I can cook it in the smoker... Tonight's meal was one reason I opted for a propane cooker over a stick fired... I had the meat in the smoker but 2:30 and it was out and resting in the cooler by 6:30 or 7.

When I cook a Brisket I expect it to be in the smoker most of the day if not all day.

Tri-Tips I generally cook to brisket temps as well and have had good success.

Babybacks generally follow the 2-2-1 rule and thats a little longer than the oven but the results are well worth it.
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That looks great. Love doing pork loin when i don't have time for those extended smokes. Great job.
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that looks great... and i swear some other thread said enhanced pork came out hammy. sure dont look that way to me!!! looks great. points.gifthanks for the info gunner!!!
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Anything I can put in the smoker and cook until completion in 3 hours or under I consider it "quick" in smoke time anyway icon_wink.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif say it aint true! You must have some tough tri tips in your area!
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Now those loins look good to me.
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