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pink salt

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I went looking for some morton tender qwik at walmart. they had none. i did find some pink salt in small quantities in there little chief smoke section in sporting goods. calls for 1/3 tspn pr pound of meat. trying that out today with some sss and pepperoni. experimenting with the recipe. says to only use with smokehouse brand kits but did some math and am adding 3/4 tbspn of salt per lb as well as some sugar.
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Ingredients & Usage

Prague Powder No.1 Pink Curing Salt

Salt, Sodium Nitrite, Red #3, less than 2% Sodium Silico Aluminate & Propylene Glycol added as flowing agent.

Use 1 oz. of cure for 25 lbs. of meat or 1 level teaspoon of cure for 5 lbs. of meat. Mix cure with cold water.
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how many pounds of sausage are you doing with the 3/4 tablespoon?
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The rate they recommend looks high to me. What Bbally posted above is a safe level to use.
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3/4 tbspn sea salt in addition to the 1/3 tspn pink salt. per lb
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Is the "pink salt" actually a cure or is it a naturally pink salt and not a cure at all? Does it say 6.25% sodium nitrite somewhere on the bag?
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cure and salt

Prague #1 , pink salt, instacure 1, are composed of 93.75% salt and 6.25% sodium nitrite. I always use it at 1 level teaspoon per lb. of meat. I have books, websites that 99% state this. I would not buy anything that does not have a label on it stating exactly what is in it. I do not think you will get sick tho some people think that nitrites are not good for you. I think the worst thing that would happen is awful tasting product. It is too bad there is so much info out that varies so widely. I have found a govt website that states thing pretty clear. Will post when I find website. Piker
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6.25% sodium nitrite. 1/3 tspn per lb of meat is what it says on the label. should i increase to 1 full tspn?
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NO its 1 level tsp per 5 lbs so 1/5 tsp per lb
1 ounce per 25 lbs of meat
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I'm with Pineywoods and bbally. What you have is the standard Prague Powder or cure #1 and it should be used at 1 Tsp per 5 pounds.

For your salt, you may want to try 1.8% of the meat/fat weight. I know we all have our differences in taste, but I read somewhere that 1.8% seems to be agreeable to many, and I and all my friends/family like it. Using Kosher salt, 1.8% would be one Tsp in one pound. 3/4 Tbsp per pound might be pretty salty! Remember, 3 tsp per 1 TBSP. I am not sure if sea salt has that much larger grain than Kosher salt.
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Sorry I should have said 1 tps per 5lbs of meat. I am still looking for the fed. site Piker
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The site I found is actually from the North Dalota university at . Allied Kenco has a page also on cures and binders which is very good. At has really good info. Thks Piker
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