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What kind of meat....

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What kind of cuts of meat do you prefer in making a beef or pork summer sausage (as in butts, brisket,flank,etc)?
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I like to use ground chuck with a 80/20 ratio. I will often wait till theres a sale on ground beef , or chuck and buy that.
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I have used venison with both beef and pork, beef with pork, beef and pork alone with real good results. Taste pretty well the same. The spices that you may tweak with makes the diff. Piker
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I have used pork butt and then for beef I have used chuck roast for some snack sticks and all the rest was venison meat for sausage.
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I like a piece of Chuck Roast for my beef sausage. Pick out a piece with more fat than you'd like for a pot roast supper, and you'll find you've got almost always a perfect 20-22% fat percentile.
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If I'm not using mostly venison then I like Dan look for 80/20 on sale somewhere
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I use pork shoulder or pork butt and 80/20 ground beef tubes. The best flavor of ground beef comes from the toughest cuts such as neck and shank and trimmings; this is what goes into plant-ground meats along with boned-out canners and cutters local beef raised lean and tough. That is why it's ground, it's not good for anything else; otherwise it'd be sold as a finished product unto itself (steaks and roasts, etc.).
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I use 80/20 ground beef in 3,5 or 10 lb tubes. I like 70/30 ground beef but it's hard to find.
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