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Dry Rub for Baby/St. Louis Ribs

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Hi folks, I've been using one dry rub recipe for a while now and I'm looking to make a change. We had tweaked and modified a recipe we had found some time back and have used that for a couple of years now.

I wanted to work on a new recipe and was curious if there was a "Holy Trinity" to dry rub recipes? Is there a good, solid base you can work from that most dry rubs contain (brown sugar, garlic, salt etc)?

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Well the majority of rubs contain salt and usually brown sugar and paprika and then go from there but for me it's gotta have some chipotle powder in it PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Light brown sugar, garlic and onion powder, sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, paprika and a little cayenne. Those are my "base" spices that I use in every single rub. I know, seems like a lot huh?
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My buddy turned me on to using a little bit of cinnamon on my ribs. It doesn't take to much but I really like the flavor it gives the rub.
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Try Jeff's's the cat's whiskers!

I think you will like it.
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Half the fun of smoking is developing your own recipes. As a starter any rub I make I now use Turbinado (Raw) sugar instead of brown. It doesn't lump from moisture like brown, mixes easier, and not as quick to burn. Flavor is similar to brown. Have fun and enjoy the creativity.
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Domino makes a "brown" sugar now called brownulated, I tried it and unfortunately it doesn't have much of a "brown sugar flavor" it has a nice flavor with large granules and have been using half that and half brown sugar in my rub.
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Like ShooterRick, I us Turbinado instead of brown sugar. If you haven't tried it, do.
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i second the cinnamon. I really like the sweet spice it gives.
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I also like raw sugar, but just remember that you are losing molasses when not using brown sugar.
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Try a litle Clovetongue.gif
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Dried anchovy powder. Secret weapon of some. ;)
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I use the basic rub mentioned and also put in a dash of dry mustard, cumin. I use a bit more cayenne than some, I like some heat on mine.
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Huh. Love anchovies. Interesting thought.

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