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Help! What to do with Belly Skin

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I've got the skin off my last belly frozen. Does anyone have any good recipes for what to do with this?

Pork rinds is what I am thinking but wondering if anyone out there has cooked with these before.
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Deep fry them in lard and enjoy. Not really a recipe to them. icon_smile.gif
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UPDATE: get yourself a deep fryer or use a turkey fryer and cook them outside, thats what mom did. icon_smile.gif
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Here's something different I got from and Italian friend:

2 pork skins (rinsed and patted dry)
1 1/2 cups Grated parmesan cheese
3/4 cup granulated garlic or garlic powder
3/4 cup dried parsley
1/4 cup dried oregano (optional)
salt and pepper to taste
After rinsing and drying the pork skin, lay it out on the countertop shiny side down. Sprinkle the pork skin with grated cheese, granulated garlic or garlic powder, dried parsley, dried oregano (optional) and salt and pepper. Roll up whole pork skin, and tie with kitchen string every two inches. Slice the roll in between each string, and brown each roll in hot oil in a large stainless steel skillet on all sides (be careful they pop if it's too hot). Drop each browned pork skin into simmering sauce for several hours. Serve like you would meatballs.
It's very important to brown the pork skins before putting them into the simmering sauce, because if you don't, they will come out mushy.
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Thanx for the idea!
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