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Rainy day Brisket with Q-View

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Rainy day for January in Minnesota. I rolled the Char-Griller into the garage and ducted my stack out the attic access. Soon after I was q-ing.

Brisket seasoned Friday night

My rainy day setup. Stack vented through attic access.

Brisket and chicken breasts. Chicken will be for ABT's tonight

Brisket pulled from foil after reaching 185. Crisping the bark

Project for tonight
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Very nice. Nice setup also.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Did you have much smoke in your garage after venting it out through the attic?
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I bet your garage smells really good icon_mrgreen.gif
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We from Minn. are ingenious when q-ing

What is in the bacon wrap?
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Lookin good! I would have done the same thing when it rained here, but I have a garage unit and I don't think the neighbors would have appreciated the smell of hickory in their cars and stuff as much as I do, lol.
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That is my first experience with ABT's (stuffed jalapeƱos) 20 are cored jalapenos with smoked chicken, onions, pepper jack cheese and cream cheese topped with bacon. The other 20 are filled with smoked Jimmy Dean hot pork sausage, onions, cheddar and cream cheese. tonight we are having some friends over, so I will start them on the smoker later. I want to take them off, and eat while still hot. I will post up under ABT's in the forum later.

As far as my garage getting smoky, yes a little bit. I do open the windows a crack to get some cross ventilation and that helps clear it out also.
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My wife took one look at your garage set up an said. (dont even think about it) LOL Food looked great, and I love the background. Nice tails on the wall. Looking forward to the spring already!
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