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need help gosm temp

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my temp on my gosm is running round 270 on low.
in 50 to 60 deg weather.
if i open the vent on top all the way open thank it would cool off some
or lose all the smoke?
i all ways ran it close to the tabs
im going to put a needle value on it half to order it
need to cook today
thank for all the help as allways PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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So you are saying that your smoker will not go under 270??? If so you do need a needle valve for sure. If you cann't get up past 270 you night have another probem that I cann't help you with thats a gas company question.
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are you getting that reading from the stock thermometer? also is the water pan in?
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Yeah, my GOSM runs high when I have nothing in it (including no water pan) and the tabs are closed as well... but more like 255-260.

Usually if you keep the tabs wide open, keep a full water pan, + Meat, you should be in the goal zone (225-250) most of the time.

There are some GOSM mod threads here too that you can check out. I'm going to try placing bricks the bottom of mine for my next smoke.

Good Luck!
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the door reads 245 to 250 with no water pan
temp in top vent reads 20 to 25 degs hotter today will have
water pan we will see today
and full of meat
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Never trust the door thermometer. They are usually off by alot. And with out the waterpan in your GOSM will run hot. Put the water pan in and use a good thermometer and i bet your temps will be fine.
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i don't know anything about the gosm, so i might not be qualified to say this, but i think you want your top (exhaust?) vent all open all the time. on any other smoker, you'd be begging for problems by closing the vent.
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