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Heres my link to my photobucket. I have some build pics that might help out.:)
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Yes, that would be most optimal for use as a heat sink. You would be foiling to keep the mess out of the sand and to make clean up a breeze. I'm going to try it on the WSM went it warms up a bit and the bag of sand I have thaws out.
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OK, besides working the intake we just need to get in and get out quick.
I wonder if the pan of sand Rick mentioned would help with a big blast of air if the pan was wide enough to cut down the airflow?
I like the steel plate just not the additional fuel usage.
This was the whole selling point of the UDS to the wife (baby if I build this we will save tons of $ in fuel!) PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Ya can't argue that fact the UDS is one heck of a cooker. It's super easy on fuel and I would have kept it if it weren't for the drippings hitting the coals and embarking the burnt fat flavor on the meat.
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I haven't tried it (yet wink.gif ) but I would think that either a piece of foil or a very lightweight foil pan on a lower rack might catch the drippings and keep them out of the coals but not have enough mass to really impact fuel usage.

May be worth a try if your goal is to eliminate the burnt fat flavor. I think the higher up from the basket you go, the less impact you will have on fuel consumption.

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I hear ya Rick, but isn't that the same taste you get from grilling or is it more pungent because it is a long cook?

I grilled 1" rib-eyes tonight on my Weber and that smell and taste of juices dropping on the coals is to die for! Granted it isn't a multi hour cook. Thoughts?
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Do you really taste a burnt fat taste also on long smokes?
I love the fat but then again I didn't get to look like this eating sprouts!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
I'll try foil and let you know!
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I really noticed the difference when I got my Horizon offset. I was happy with the UDS up to that point but never had another cooker to compare it with. When I started to cook on the Horizon (using all wood) not only did I notice a difference but the rest of the family did as well. They all liked the flavor from the offset better saying meat from the drum had a much stronger taste to it, I agree.
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That is the reason that I built an offset reverse flow this time. I like smoked meat AND grilled meat both but the taste and smell of the grease burning just stinks.[to me anyhow] I made a high enough dam in the joining of the smoke box and chamber that I ain't gonna be bothered by it. and if you notice it the picture below I built in a 2degree slope on the
cooking chamber. The reason for two stacks is that I changed it to a reverse flow AFTER I finished it and ain't seen the need to remove the other one. Besides , every redneck needs a doolie !..PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif Hemi..
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