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Definately worth it. That looks fantastic
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thanks, I appreciate it..

my mouth is still on fire. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Nice work!! Need to get a meat slicer, that is the way to go.
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Looks like it was worth it to me! Great looking sammie!

points.giffor another great smoke.
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DANG! Chisox, you had me at SIRLOIN something, something SAMICH!

Definitely gotta toss you some big points.gifpoints.gifon this one!

DAMN, I'm hungry again.....
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Philly aint got nothin on chi town USA! thats for sure
nice Job Jim!! great lookin Sammies!
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Ok Jim , that settles it. I'm coming up for a white sox vs. my sorry a@@ orioles.... That looks awesome man !!!points.gif
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thanks folks. it was so good thats whats for supper tonight, ive got enough left for a couple sandwiches.


I do have to get a slicer, I dont do beef as often as Id like because I dont have one... yet... PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif


thanks for the feedback as always. Can you tell I am really likin that WSM?


thanks, the sirloin really worked, at the Philly shop I worked at we used trimmed uncooked ribeye. I figured a this lightly cooked sirloin would work, and it did. Sirloin is one of my favorite cuts of steak as well.

Uncle Lar:

Thanks, I love traditional phillys and that bread they use, these were a good version, especially the smoked meat aspect.


thanks, let me know if you do ever maike it into Chicago for a Orioles Sox game for sure.
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Can't believe I almost missed this one! That sandwich looks awesome! The peppers definitely make a "philly" something special, the hotter the better!
Gonna have to go get me some sirloin now...
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When I hit the store this afternoon on the way home Im either going to get another sirloin, or a top or bottom round to do tomorrow.
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What temp did you have the smoker at? I've got one in the smoker right now, after reading this post I thought I would try it out.

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did it on the WSM, around 230 id guess, I dont really monitor temps of the smoker other than glance at the built in thermo on the lid of the WSM & use that for what its worth, i put my hand over the top vent to know how the smoker is running. Most important is the internal meat temp, I pulled it @ 130 degrees.

good luck

ill be doing one tonight as well. that beef was good stuff.
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