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Lowes Now Selling MES!

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I usually snicker when I read about someone running out of wood chips when into a smoke. I knew I was low, when I picked up the butts at Winco 99cents per lb earlier today. So it was in the back of my mind. Then I finally got around to loading meat into the MES and digging out my bags of wood chips and chunks. I had enough for about 4 hours. No problem I will start the smoke put chunks on and run to the store. Well ok plan two might be better since I had no vehicle, my vehicle is not operating right now. Plan two call the wife, she can get wood on the way home from work. Opps she left early. Cell phone, well my wife is like serious tech challenged, her cell is buried in her purse and she never anwsers.

Ok wife gets home, and I run out the door to Lowes for wood. Well Lowes lets me down, they were completely out....

You can't go to a DIY store and not check out the BBQs and accessories. BINGO a 30" MES is sitting there. $199.

This isn't the newer version, the chip tray is like my 18 month old, so I guess Masterbuilt figured out a way of getting rid of old inventory for the new models.

Oh yeah Home Depot, had the chips, good thing they stay open until 10pm.
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That's interesting, MasterBuilt shows a 30" black on their website at Lowes for $179. That's the one I went looking for when I ended up getting the 30" with window at Home Depot for $249.
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....and now, I have the chance to get the newer 30" at Home Depot for $249 ($263 with tax) also...... ORRRRRRRRRRRR the 40" at Sam's for $299 ($390 including tax $16, membership, $35, and 3 year warranty, $39).

Being that electrical costs for smoking are really not a major concern, I figger on spending the extra 130 bucks and getting the larger Sam's deal. Would any of you do the same? (Just askin' and not trying to hijack this thread)

By the way, I took a good look at the 30" at HD, and the build quality was VERY impressive.
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That is the only way I would go... Why buy the smaller one for that kind of money when you can get the top of their line for only $130.00 more and have the 3 year warranty. I plan on getting one from Sam's sometime this week...
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You can get a free one day membership from sams. just go to the customer service desk and tell them you would like to look around and could you get a one day.
Buy the mes and the warrenty.
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Our Lowes has had the MES for a while now but unfortunately they only carry the 30" and I know I would want bigger, unfortunately nobody around here carries the 40" mad.gif
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Just a fyi i used to work at a lowes warehouse they have alot of smokers in the warehouse if you dont see what your looking for ask to see the catalog it will take a day or 2 to get to store from warehouse but cheaper then paying shiping just thought id throw that out there i know they had mes in the warehouse when i left there back in november they always have them in warehouse anytime of year
and fire it up i know they covered jersey im from northeast pa
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I've been looking at these Masterbuilt smokers at Lowes and Sams. I'm looking for something to smoke sausage in. Would you guys recommend the MES for that? I havent had a good look at them, both stores here dont have one on display, just in the box. Does it come with smoke sticks, dowel rods?
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No just 4 racks.
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