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baby babk ribs question

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I'm going to smoke some baby back ribs this weekend. I've read and watch video of guys coating their ribs with mustard. I know the taste cooks off. My question is, with the mustard covering the ribs will I still get that good smoke flaver. Will the smoke penatrate the coating.

Thanks, Dennis
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Yes you will get plenty of smoke the mustard just helps hold the rub in place and you won't taste any of it once smoked
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Yep. I use mustard all the time. Some people use nothing at all. As long as your rub sticks, you're good.
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If your a little shy on using mustard, sprinkle the rub on the ribs with a shaker the night prior and place them in a large container (like tupperware) and refrigerate. The rub will become one with the meat and they'll be ready to throw in the smoker. It won't hurt to toss on some more rub before smoking if needed..
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I was a little worried the first time I used mustard as a rub sticker too.
It works, man! Tried it on spiral ham for Thanksgiving, and I really rubbed that baby - not a trace of mustard and plenty of smoke.
Give'r a whirl.
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Awsome feed back guys. I'll give it a try.

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Yes mustard works as a great adhesive for your rub. You will not taste the mustard. Good ole cheap yellow works just fine.
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I hate the taste of mustard, but wouldn't smoke any ribs without it. You still get a great smoke ring too which shows you get tons of smoke penetration
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Mustard wont leave any taste and the smoke flavor does come through. IF you have it, try peanut oil. Lighty rub it on, then put on your favorite rub. Let it sit out of the frig for a bit so the meat can come to room temp, and the rub "melts" on the ribs. You'll get a great bark!
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Yes the mustard will burn away and there will be no favor let behind it is just to help hold the rub on till it is cooked on.
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i use mustard all the time, but have read where some folks use olive oil and some use italian dressing. hmm go figure.
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I use mustard all the time and get all the smoke flavor I want. You can't taste the mustard at all and it really does help to hold the rub in place... Highly recommend using it...
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