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Thanks everyone, it does take a little more work but is definitely worth it, and remember that you don't need to take the meat off the bone and cube it, I have done them whole before and they are still delicious.

The banana leaves would probably prevent the smoke flavor from getting into the meat properly but the original dish is supposed to be done wrapped tightly anyway so it would still be tasty PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Looks great, and I love that picture...just don't kill the cook icon_wink.gif
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FIU, your recipe brought back some memories of my trips to some rural parts of Yucatan. Thats going on my Smoke To Do List. Great post!
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What a simply fantastic job FIU! I will not attempt this unless I can find the bannana leaves but I would love to try it. Your recipe is very similar to the one cataloged at the Spice House.

Read the user comments below the recipe for alot of advice and variations.
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This is a great dish. Even though I'm still 2,000 miles away from my smokers I just had to try it. (Baked it in the oven for 4 hours) Got all the ingredients together and then decided to use limes in stead of lemons. Had second thoughts about that after juicing the limes and added 1/4 cup of lemon juice. That was a mistake, came out with a very strong citrus(lemon) flavor. Added a couple of packets of Splenda which helped a lot and had a great meal. Tonight I used some of the leftover meat in place of tuna for a pork salad sandwich........FANTASTIC.
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Freaking awesome pics man. I had your other post on this recipe on my todo list, and think I will go for it this weekend. Damn I'm hungry now!
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One more question, what are the seasonings and what appears to be garlic on the meat in the pic of the meat going in to the leaves and wrapped?
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Banana leaves aren't available everywhere but should be.

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So is there any chain grocery store that typically carries banana leaves? I have to try this recipe . . . I just ate lunch, but your pictures made me severely hungry all over again.
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Glad to hear it PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

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The first time I made it I just used a crock pot. It turned out great.
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Find the leaves yet?
Hope you were able to give it a try.
Revisited the thread cause I have a butt about to go in the marinade for some puerco pibil tomorrow and was curious as to whether you had been able to find them or not.
Found a new place today that carries them, a very, very tiny Mexican mart that is barely big enough to walk through the 2 isles of product but they do have a little freezer with banana leaves...just gotta find the right place.
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That looks incredible... I think I have all the spices on hand...will have to pick up some banana leaves, but i will be trying that!!!

Very Nice!

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Damn! That looks yummy. I'll definitely be trying it this summer.
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Ok i admit i didn't read the whole post but when i saw store bought tortillas after all the awsome super hard work i just had to chime in about making them yourself. I often make tortillas at home for even crappy store taco seasoned tacos because they are SOOOOO good and easy. I can pass on the recipe but i got it from rick bayless' authentic mexican cookbook.

Homemade tortillas for somethng like this puerco recipe would so take it to the next level. It looks so good i definatly have to try it sometime. Recipe is basically a few cups flour, few Tbsp lard/shortening and water then cook them on a super hot cast iron skillet. No more mircrowaving to get them soft!
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