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Smoked Butternut Squash Bisque W/Pics

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Hey Todd,

Looks great! Definitely like the idea of running the squash through the smoker too. I thought your design looked pretty cool...kinda like a dragon or something like that...that is what you were going for, right? LOL

You can tell when you have a professional bartender when you order a guiness and they whip out a shamrock on the top of the foam...dang, I'm getting thirsty now.

I would definitely have a bowl of Bisque, and chase that with my guiness.

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Edited by Meat Hunter - 5/26/10 at 9:30am
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Nice soup. Tasty too I'll bet.
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Sounds like a tasty soup and points.gif for the presentation!
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That's a great looking soup. Keep up those fancy designs and you'll get hired as a barista somewhere serving up fancy coffee drinks.

points.giffor a great looking dish
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Looks great my daughter came in and said daddy that looks good can you make it.
so points.giffor sharing and presentation to make a 7 1/2 yr old want to eat squash.
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Dont see this one often at all and the presentation excellent!points.gif
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MH - that looks great. Butternut IS my favorite winter squash. Mine didn't do so well this year - DAMN SQUASH BUGS!!! So your post is making me extra hungry for it.
Thanks for sharing.
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Great job dere todd...Have about 12 left in the cold cellar...hmmm...
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Soup Looks and Sounds Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job. Definately on my to do list. Make a similar soup with roasted squash a lot. Got to be awsome with smoked.

How soft was the squash after being on the smoker? I sometimes don't get them to cook well...........they are still very hard.
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Thanks for the comments guys. No, squash was still pretty firm after the smoker, but it still had to go in the pot for the cooking so that softened it upbiggrin.gif
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That is some awesome looking soup!!! I need to add this to my must try pile.points.gif
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