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Totaly excited dad to be

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Wife had her first ultrasound today we got to see the baby the hands and feet were waving like crazy and the tech said wow that babys using your bladder as a trampoline it must be a it was a great experience and put the miserabale day i was having behind me and put a smile from ear to ear thanks for looking here is the next bbq

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Amazing, tiny little baby growing and before you know it you will have a little buddy (or princess) helping you keep the TBS going PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Seeing those ultrasounds and going through the whole pregnancy and eventual delivery process will brighten up ALL of your days for the upcoming months. I have a 7 month old now, and it's the best time of my life biggrin.gif

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It sure is a wonderful thing- Kids are great and just wait till you get em in the kitchen and helping at the BBQ-

Congrats Dad to Be!
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Congratulations on the upcoming new pitmaster. You will find many years of enjoyment ahead. Have fun and enjoy the ride!
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Congrats. My wife and I are expecting our first as well, and just had the 20 week sono......humbling experience. The little buggar was waiving like crazy, and is a really active baby. Excited, June can't get here fast enough!
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Congrats on the pregnancy. Awesome clear picture too.

Kids are great, but I also know where some the gray thinning hair comes from, my 2 daughters!

Good luck.
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First off Congrats on the new kid ans healthy is te most important. Now we have 5 kids and 10 grand kids so I have seen a few sonagrams and to tell you the truth I think I can see a pair of grill tongs in his hands.
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Thanks guys.This will be my second child my daughter is going to be 8yrs old February 4th.did not get to see all the ultra sounds with my first child due to work but my new boss told me if i miss one ultra sound i am very family orientated they are and its great
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Congrats, experiencing the birth of your child is a lifetime memory.
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That's great. Congratulations!
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Congrats kids are great till they grow up and know everything biggrin.gif
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Congrats. I have 2 daughters. 2 and 4
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Congrats to jou both
enjoys of it ,the moments go by so fast
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Wow, that's an AWESOME Boss!!
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Congrats, let me guess? First name "Smokey" !PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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congrats...very cool!
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