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Juicy Smoked Rib Eye Steak W/Qview

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I need to start cleaning the freezer out and I will explain that soon in another thread. Anyway I did this tonight.

Smoked at 150' until 115' and seared 4 minutes per side.

It was painted with Yoshidas and gran garlic and lemon pepper.

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how long did that take? Looks tasty
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RonP, it just doesn't get any better than that. RibEye is king out here in Kansas. Hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You better be careful Ron, might run out of Yoshidas soon PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Hope the freezer problem wasn't too bad but you got a nice tasty looking steak out of whatever happened.
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Ron that looks good except that it is not red in the center - I like em where you stick a fork in them and they moo - Nice smoke
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I had to zap it for Carol, but believe me it was pretty rare even for her.
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Great looking Rib Eye Ron...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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My favorite cut of meat right there! Great looking steaks! icon_smile.gif
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DITTO. It's pretty damn royal up here too. The cut by which the whole is judged. My favorite also. Great looking steak Ron.
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Those are some amazing looking rib eye's!!!!
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About an hour and 1/2 I think since I smoke to temp.
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Great looking steak Ron. Like others have said, ribeye is my favorite. Making me hungry for a hunk of meat!
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Great lookin' ribeye Ron !
I think it's universal------Ribeye is #1 steak !

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nothin better than a good steak on the smoker!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That a great looking Rib-eye, Ron.

Wish you could make it over here for the Georgia Great Steak Cookoff in March.

That one might be hard to beat.
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Dang it Ron, I finished breakfast 2 hours ago and now I'm hankering for a ribeye!! That is a great looking piece of meat!

Believe it or not, Ma Dutch and me went grocery hunting last night and Ma suggested that we get some steaks for Saturday's supper. I agreed and when she asked if I wanted a porterhouse or a ribeye I said "the ribeye". Ma looked at me funny like and asked if I was feeling ok. I like a good porterhouse but lately I've been enjoying the ribeyes more.
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I used to be a porterhouse guy years ago, then when they changed the grading standards for the worse I switched over, its hard to find a nice marbeled porterhouse today.
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Porterhouse is still one of my favorites------They can be HUGE !
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I am a ribeye man all the way.
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Looks good, Ron. I have always seared my steaks first, then smoked. I got that from a reciepe somewhere.

Do you think there is a difference if you smoke first and then sear, like you did?
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