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No Refrigeration?

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Can some experienced Baconeers tell what they know about the keeping qualities of the bacon being made here?

My local abattoir will sell a 50 lb case of bellies to me for $2.69/lb. They won't break a case, so the ol' Apex Apparatus is going to make a lot of bacon. My folks and some friends all around the country want some of it.

I want to know if the finished bacon will be just fine after 3 or 4 days in the mail. After all, its supposed to be a preserved food.

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Now I'm not an expert or even good at it yet. I would think that if the bacon is smoked high enough it should be able to be shipped. I know I just sent about 12lbs of beef snack sticks to Iraq and it takes up to 2 weeks to get there and they were good I hear. But the soldiers we sent them too I don't think would have cared. It was from home. His Home.
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