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1st attempt venison salami QUESTIONS.

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First time making salami so I have a some questions.
A few of the ingredients in Ryteks book are soy protein, corn syrup solids and powdered dextrose.

Are these ingredients the way to go, or has there been a different or better alternative to any of them?

The reason I ask is in one of the sausage posts I read a while back, there was a call to use Citric Acid in place of Fermento.

Is there something out there that works better than what the original recipe calls for?

What is the casing of choice for making this?

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I have substituted plain old sugar for the dextrose, and low fat powdered milk for the soy. Not used any of his recipes that called for corn syrup solids. I can't say my substitutions were better, but the finished product turns out good, and they are ingredients that are much more readily available. I pretty much feel his are time tested recipes and work well. I have noticed some discrepancies in ratios when using the bigger recipe. For example the salt in his 25# snack stick recipe is way more than 2 1/2 times whats called for in the 10# at least in my edition of the book I always use a 2 1/2 x 20 in fibrous casing for salami and summer sausage and have had great success. Be sure they are specifically for smoked sausage. They have tiny pores or perforations that allow smoke in, and air out without having to pierce the casing during stuffing.
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Not Shure

I think I asked the same question a while back. I made the same sausage from the book.

The more I researched corn syrup solids, the more I got confused. I have seen some folks substitute Molasses, honey etc. I just broke down and ordered some from Butcher Packer. Now I have enough for a long while.

As far as the soy protein, it is very very fine, some powdered milk is not as fine looks more like ovaltine.

I got mine from my Butcher, I think he sold it by the pound, pretty cheap.

Shipping from Butcher Packer is flat rate based, so I just bought everything I needed and some stuff I just wanted for future projects.
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Meat Hunter, you raise very good questions. I've been puzzling over that as well. Can I assume that you're trying to find alternatives available locally, as I am? If so, I think that Textured Vegetable Protein could sub for the soy protein. I saw that in the organic aisle at my Cub. Mulepackin is right on about sugar. I sub it for dextrose too, just figure on about using half the amount. If the recipe called for 1/2 C of Dextrose, I'd actually use half a cup brown or raw sugar and 1/2 cup milk powder. That should give enough food for the bacteria to work!

On a related note, those of us who look at those recipes, then look at the volumes of ingredients sold from the Sausagemaker, Butcher Packer etc should band together try an ordering club. If you've been following my Summer Sausage saga, now I have a container of cultured buttermilk and wonder what the heck I'll do with all of it before it spoils. I now think that Bactoform may be the only way to go for salami, but I don't want to pay $15 to try it out once or twice.
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I possed the same question after I made some salami and it didn't come out so well. But then I was took the same thing as Mule Packin told you with the sugar and dried powdered milk.
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salami questions

There is a chart on the website called that list all the ingredients and what you can use for a substitute. I find it very handy. Thks Piker
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Thanks Piker, much appreciated.
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Thats true, but give it a whirl in the food processor, and it is just as fine as you want it to bePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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