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First long smoke

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I'm getting prepared for this weekends smoke. My new smoker has become quite the hobby and I sure appreciate all the suggestions I've gotten here both in the questions I've asked and when lurking.

I am planning on smoking a variety this weekend, here's my plan, please let me know where I'm off my rocker.

Sat 9pm throw chickens in brine, apply rubs to spare ribs, pork butt, create fattie. Also prep the smoker with coal and fill the chimney.

Sun 3am, light chimney, start minon, get smoker up to temp.
330am, put pork butt on (9 lbs)
8 am, put something on for lunch ??? bacon wrapped something?
11am, put spare ribs on
12pm, put chickens on
2pm, put fattie on
5-6 pm, everything is done.
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Ought to work.

Don't overplan was cause everything to fall apart. LOL

Good luck with the cook
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Joe's right on this one too. Don't over think it cause things will go wrong. So everything sounds or looks good by your planning but the butt might be in the smoker along time. Don't forget about the cooler time also the butt need aleast and hour and the ribs and the chicken really don't need much time maybe a 1/2 hour or so with a tent over them. The main thing I see that you didn't plabn on is the Qview thats on of the most important to us here bacause after all you know:
"We Are The Kids and You Have The Candy"
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remarkosmoc-sounds like a plan but I'm wondering about the chickens being in the brine overnight. The longest I've brined chicken was 8 hours. Overnight works fine for turkeys due in part to the larger body mass.
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This is dang sure TRUE . I have lived that .. kinda like think long think wrong in a 9 ball tourney .

You might want to throw some Earl Campbell hotlinks on there to take off as needed to feed your OWN fire .
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Just two things...
1) Has been covered. My mom has a saying, "Want to make God laugh? Try making a plan."
2) I wouldn't get the charcoal in the smoker or the chimney the night before. It'll give it a chance to suck any moisture out of the air and you may have problems keeping it lit if you have any sort of humidity. Not positive, but could happen. I learned that the hard way.

Sounds like you've got a great smoke planned. Hope it all turns out well for you. Just remember to cook to temps and not by time.
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Here is one you can learn from my newbie mistake a while back - don't put the chickens above anything. They will drip a LOT of fat and it can spoil your other product.
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Thanks guys. So when I pull the port butt, let it sit for an hour before slicing?
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At least. It should be wrapped in foil to finish. Then wrap in old towels and keep in a cooler for up to 5 or 6 hours. That's lets the meat re-absorb a lot of the good juice in the foil.
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Well, I did my smoke today and it went well. The alarm going off at 245am wasn't my preferred start to a Saturday, but it was fun. The pork hit 190 at 445pm and i pulled and foiled until dinner at 6. The chickens were awesome as usual, and I also tried my first fattie and my first ABT's. Here's the results.

Chickens: Moist flavorful and delicious. I haven't smoked a bad one yet, they must be foolproof.

Pork butt: Was very good as well, some spots had a mushy texture, but it tasted good.

Fatties: Kinda bland, I need to spice them up more next time.

Spare ribs: Got done late so weren't on the main course, took a taste and they were good. They went in with the rest of the leftovers since they were late.

ABT's Man these are flat out awesome. I'll be making a few of these every smoke.

Here's a pic of the smoke. Sorry no pics of the cooked food, family was too hungry for a photo op.

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Man, that's a great lookin smoke. Everything has that beautiful mahogany color. YUM.
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DANG, everything looks good! points.gifto ya for your first long smoke!
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Thanks. I really enjoyed the process. The smoker was going from about 315am to 6pm. I learned a few things along the way. I only wish I knew why some parts of the butt had a mushy texture.

I also know that I don't think I'll ever do another smoke unless there are a dozen ABT's or so, those puppies are awesome!
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