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Is 2.49/lb good for Pork Baby Backs?

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2.97/lb my bad. And I am in the Dallas area. Plano, TX to be exact.

Thanks in advance
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For my area that would be one heck of a deal
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I would say it's a good deal also.
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good deal

The regular price for us in the Omaha area is usually 3.99 - 4.99 pr lb. When they go on sale I usually buy at 2.99. So you are getting a fair price at 2.97.
Buy! Buy!

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pretty good price.

typically the places I go have fresh un-enhanced bb's on sale for $2.99/lb. Usually on sale at one or the other most every week. this week Brookhaven market has em' for $2.99, ill be buying some for this weekend.
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Around here they are normally $3.99lb so when they go on sale for $1 cheaper I usually pick them up.
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3.99 Is the cheapest I have seen here and that was just last week. In the summer months (all 2 of them) they are usually over $5 a lb. With sale price about $4.69 I bought 4 racks when ifound them at $3.99 and put them in the freezer. From where I'm at you are getting a heck of a deal
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Costco is $2.87 per lb (down from 2.99 a month or so ago) here in Cali, and that's the cheapest I've seen it around here.
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I have n't bought baby backs in a while now but that sounds really good to me on the other side of Fla then Jerry.
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Good buy! Cannot get them any where in this state for that price.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Average price here in NJ $2.99 lb.
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