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Do you own a GOSM poll - Page 3

Poll Results: GOSM Poll

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 27% of voters (125)
    I own a GOSM
  • 7% of voters (33)
    I don't own a GOSM
  • 0% of voters (3)
    I use a charcoal GOSM
  • 23% of voters (104)
    I use a propane GOSM
  • 19% of voters (86)
    I own another smoker besides a GOSM
  • 21% of voters (98)
    I would give a positive referral for a GOSM
447 Total Votes  
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How do you like it? I saw them on Bass Pro and the Idea of not having to open the door seemed like a good idea but does it come in the Big Block also?
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I saw the 2 drawer, I would prefer a 2 door PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I think the drawers will have issues over time, especialy the water pan drawer spilling the water on the chips and fire. jmho. icon_rolleyes.gif
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I like it

I like it, I haven't had any issues so far, no problem with the water pan spilling, my friend has a 2 door kind, I think he got it from Lowes, it seemed to leak smoke a lot
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That is interesting, may I ask what model number you have and where you got yours?
How long ago?
Approxmate $?
What do your grates measure?

I'm looking for a new / bigger one.
Denny O
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I just got one in from bass pro shop last week. It is a big block now it is not a double door it is just a single door. It is my first GOSM and I have to say I like it. I have not put it to use yet b/c of work and the weather I have seasoned it. I thought it would be smaller than what it is but I will be able to put full slabs of ribs in it. I wanted the 24in camp chef but it was on back order untill the end of April. But for the price I could not beat the one I got. Shiped to the door 214.94 that is after I found a 20 Dallor coupon code on line..shipping was 14 bucks then another 20 bucks b/c it was so heavy. I plan on having the first smoke this week.
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I have Charcoal GOSM, but unfortunately I am reselling it to earn money towards something bigger.
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