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Do you own a GOSM poll - Page 2

Poll Results: GOSM Poll

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 27% of voters (125)
    I own a GOSM
  • 7% of voters (33)
    I don't own a GOSM
  • 0% of voters (3)
    I use a charcoal GOSM
  • 23% of voters (104)
    I use a propane GOSM
  • 19% of voters (86)
    I own another smoker besides a GOSM
  • 21% of voters (98)
    I would give a positive referral for a GOSM
447 Total Votes  
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$35?!?! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif WOW, I would buy a second GOSM at that price just for the hell of it. Nice work, haha.
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My buddy bought a big block off of the local classifieds (like craigslist but different) for 40.....lucky!
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Hee hee It obviously applies to everyone because your poll choices were Owners and non owners alike which includes everyone. icon_smile.gif
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I am going on my third season with my GOSM Big Block and I should say I first bought it from the great things I read about it here. I have never wished I went with something else. I have questioned whether I really needed the 24" because it is never even close to full. I drove 2-hours to a Bass Pro one way to get it even.

I have tried most all the different chip box options here and have settled in on just using the original but I don't use it on the chrome grate. I removed the grate and simply place it on the black floor with the center circle cut out. That works extremely well in the low heat 250ยบ and under. If I want more than that like cooking turkey I add that grate back to space the cast iron box higher up.
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Got a fairly modified gosm, is a great unit an still use it, but alas, it's position as top dog was replaced by the drum smoker.

I still like it fer some things, an I've found at large events it works nice as a additional warmer to. Nice if I wanna do some pigs in a canoe an not fire up the drum, great fer meatloafs to.

Fer somebody what ain't all that handy, it's a perty good unit right outa the box an many a the mods can be done quite easily. I'd say if yer gettin started in smokin it be a good unit fer that. Turns out some mighty fine Q all on it's own.
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My GOSM is the 20" gas model. I bought it during that time when the company was in limbo, and I couldn't find a Big Block, so I settled for the smaller version. I like using it when I'm doing smaller cooks and don't want to fire up the pit smoker. My only regret is not waiting until I could find the big block.
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i like my GOSM for the portablilty we take it camping and use it....its great

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Love my gosm.
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I love my Big Block GOSM, but she is not so convinced; been neglected lately. I'll have to do better as soon as the weather breaks. Minus 24 here at 8 AM.

Bought mine online through Home Depot three years ago on a Father's Day Special for $189.

I tried all the different chip pan mods and finally just went back to the original.

One thingy I do is place a 90 degree stove pipe elbow over the top vent. Began doing that during rainy smokes but found that if the elbow outlet is placed in such a way as to be facing away from the direction of the wind it does help with smoke distribution. ( There is almost always a Northwest breeze here) So I use it rain or shine now.

Other than the useless original equipment thermometer the only complaint I have is a general lack of time. Will cure that soon also!

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hopefully selling my GOSM today. taking that money to put towards a 22" WSM to add to the 18.5" WSM I already have. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

good unit, glad i bought it and learned what it was about.
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I used to own a charcoal GOSM that was heavily modded. It was a good cooker, but I began building/using UDSs and didn't use it much anymore. It got jealous and wanted to be traded for some italian leather furniture!

Here's some pics...
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modified gasser but no gosm.......
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I love my GOSM!!!!!!!!points.gif
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Still trying to decide between electric and propane. Would love a GOSM, but don't have a BPS in the area. Shipping sort of puts it out of my price range. One Qer told me propane smokers leave an aftertaste. Any truth to that? Never noticed it from my Weber Genesis, and I have smoke chickens and ribs on that.
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I've had my gosm for 3 years and have never noticed an aftertaste. Just clean, deliciously smoked meat!
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You wont pick up any odd taste from the gas(just think of it as an outdoor oven.. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif) , but it also wont taste like charcoal or wood smoked meat does either.
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No aftertaste with my GOSM (Kemore version) either - I have a much larger wood chip/chunk box and I always put about 8 charcoal briquets in with my wood chunks - I think it makes a difference but might all be in my head wink.gif
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Wal Mart.com has it for $148 plus free shipping to any Wal Mart store... as far as I can tell it's the same one that Bass Pro sells.. about to buy my first icon_smile.gif
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I got a smal normal GOSM propane and will be getting the big block GOSM as soon as BPS gets them in here!
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I have a new 2 drawer GOSM icon_smile.gif
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