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Well, the better half was taking the dog outside and wanted to see dinner, so I gave her a quick peek. While I had the door open, I repositioned the probe, and went up to 158 (for a 6 degree jump), actually 159 as we speak. It's in a thinner part of the brisket, but I know its away from fat. I'm gonna let it go to 165, then bring it inside, throw it into some foil and into the oven until 190 so I can finally get a little sleep!
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Well, after being on for almost 21 hrs, it only hit 161. So, I threw it into some foil and it went into the oven to see if I can get it up to 190. I lost 10 degrees from the smoker to the oven, so I got the oven at 275, and might go as high as 300 if need be to get it done for dinner. Here's one more qview for everyone to enjoy!
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21 hours to 161.......something isn't right. It looks pretty, but no way should it be that long.
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My thoughts exactly. I thought it might have been my probe, so I switched to a different therm. when it went into the oven, it was at 151 (lost some heat during the transfer), so I don't think it was the equipment. Maybe I just got a stubborn piece of meat? Lol. Thanks for the compliments. Its actually at 183 in the oven right now, and has only been in there for an hour.
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might be a bad probe at the grill level. If you were grilling at a lower temp then you thought it would draw your smoke time out a lot.
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Could be, never thought about the grill probe. I'll probably end up ordering 2 new probes from Maverick. I've been wanting to order the longer meat probe for awhile, so this just gives me an excuse to do it now. On a good note though, it just came out of the oven and into the cooler for an hour. I haven't eaten a thing today because I didn't want to taint my tastebuds of some tasty food!
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Well, I found out after slicing it up that there was fat that ran right through the middle of it, and thats more than likely were my probe was, causing my temps to be wrong. Because of that, it was a little over done and dry in some parts (as you can see by some of the slices). It was still pretty good and was a good learning experience. I'll definately be doing another one in the future. Here's the last of the qviews.

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still looks tasty to me.

The biggest problem I have had (and still have after doing about 1/2 a dozen briskets) is trimming it up properly and making sure to identify all the parts.

Here are a couple of good tutorials:

This will help you with the anatomy of a brisket and how to trim.
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Trying to tell where you cut it in the first pic. The line of fat you're talking about is the section between the flat and the point with them still connected isn't it?

After a couple briskets I've got a pretty good handle on the anatomy of the cut. On the next one you should be able to see the parts separately and measure the temp where you want to. You'll find the flat gets to temp before the point in most cases. On mine last weekend I separated them when the flat was done and left the point on for a few more hrs.
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Thanks for the links. I wish I would have done more research now before doing a brisket. Oh well, it was still fun and all a part of the learning process.
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The first one that I did I marinaded overnight, then injected, then sprinkled with rub.

I didn't trim it at all. It was fatty as all heck but it was tasty.

Now I trim off as much of the fat as I can, don't brine it at all, inject it and let it go. Wrap the sucker as soon as it has a bark on it I like and let it go till desired temp, usually about 180 or so.
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