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Increase range of wireless thermos

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Another instructable - but trying it invalidates the warranty, attempt at own risk.
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Thanks. There is a mention of just bonding the #22 wire to, I believe, screw #1. Just which screw is #1? I would think that the case screws are isolated from the board.
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I have the exact thermo so I think I might give it a try. My brother does too and he complains about the range all the time so maybe I will have him try it out first on his. hahaha
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Screw 1 is on the top left in the picture in step 3 (tip anything in a yellow box has a comment attached).

The guy that said that the screw was connected said he got it from the cct diagram but didn't try it - it would be an easy experiment before trying the full mod I suppose. I looked at the Cct diagram but I'm a communications engineer & have forgotten all I knew about Cct diagrams - we just unplug units and send them for repair.

I'd try it but I'm still working with a wired thermo so get to delight in the Scottish weather.....
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I've done the transmitter mod with excellent results. I still need to do some receiver mods to make it top notch, But I got to go back and find them again.
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FYI, I just finished an update to my original hack (I'm the author of that article on

Regarding attaching the antenna to screw #1, that may work (and I originally thought of that as well) but I didn't want to bypass any of the other components leading up to the original built in antenna (inductors L5 and L6). I was advised not to do so by a EE friend of mine.

The new revision has the shorter antenna (6.7"), a antenna tube added for durability, and overall cleanup of the article.

As always, I welcome all feedback from the BBQ community!

- John
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Hey John, thanks for the help on the antenna it worked great for me. and welcome to the forums
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Very interesting mod. for a wireless thermo , would this mod. work on all wireless thermo ? which model is this one ? THANKS
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The thermo in the article is the Maverick et-73. I can't say it it would work on any other ones.
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Thanks Dan and glad to hear it also worked well for you!


The general concept should work for other thermometers, but a lot of the specifics (such as antenna length, location of the built in antenna, etc..) would be unknown and possibly different.

You could use the FCC ID Search site that I mention in my article to find more detail about the particular model you're interested in hacking.

- John
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Thanks for the reply !
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This is what I did

Thanks to the folks that came up with these mods, they worked for me and worth the effort
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