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Well after thinking through this some more I think I want a smoker I don't have to completely mod. So this is going to leave me deciding between the bullet smokers. Maybe getting 2 of the char-grill bullets delta dude recommended would be the best bet.

BUT I'm still going to check out academy sports this weekend to view both.
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the lower end bullets need mods too. thought the mods on them is generally drilling holes.
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I love my CharGriller for big cooks (many ribs) and my UDS for butts and briskets
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Ok; I've narrowed it down to 3 smokers. I was at walmart yesterday and I found a Char-broil/new Braunfels Delux Offset Smoker for $155.

To me this seems similar to the Char Griller Outlaw for $180.

Is one better than the other?

I like the horizontals as I should be able to fit more food on them like full packers and full racks of ribs.

BUT I do like the price point of the char-griller bullet water smoker for $80 and it has favorable reviews comparing it to a WSM.

As for logistics the bullet will be easier to travel with but I think the offsets will be a better smoker.

Damn this is tough!
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I whole-heartedly concur with this. We have used WSM's for the past two years in comps. We've had a couple walks.. no gc's yet, but still.. to me, a walk is a walk!

The WSM, in my opinion, will get you the most bang for your buck. They are so simple to maintain and will give nice even temps for a long long time. If I had the $$ I'd buy a 22" WSM. The only prob I have with my 18's is that they just aren't quiiite big enough.

All that being said, my next smoker purchase will be to step up to a new level in competition. I intend to buy a Backwoods or SpiceWine vertical. IMO, (and I know this is a vastly disputed subject), verticals are just the way to go. A vertical with a door, (vs. wsm) provides access to all racks, and are very efficient to cook with.

just my .o2
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I have a Char-Broil Silver Smoker which is similar to one you showed in a pic and also similar to the Chargriller. Of those two you showed the Chargriller is slightly larger, has cast iron grates and the whole top is hinged so it opens fully. They both will need some modifications to work at their full potential as out of the box the temp difference end to end can be about 100* and that makes for interesting cooking. Also these smokers are not big enough to use solo at a KCBS comp, IMHO. Three racks of ribs will pretty much fill up the chamber leaving just 30% of the real estate open at the fire box (hot) end.
I did do two comps last year and used the Silver Smoker for the ribs, 18" WSM for the pork, a UDS for brisket and a Weber kettle for the chicken. My long winded point here is that with these inexpensive and small cookers you will need more than one to get the job done. So get the offset, my personal favorite cuz you get to play with fire,and learn how to use that and then a couple of those verticals and you should be good to go. Good luck!
Oh yeah, practice, practice practice!!
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