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I'm having a custom (of my dreams) grill built

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Hey - I'm having a custom (of my dreams) grill built from an old 60 gallon diesel fuel tank. I want to be able to smoke or use charcoal or propane. It has a nice sized fire box on the side for smokin', is set-up inside for charcoal AND I want it rigged for propane also. That's the problem area. I don't want to buy the regular gas manifolds as when I'm cooking with charcoal that will fall on the manifolds and ruin them quickly. I want the welder to create a manifold out of steel pipe and drill holes in it for the gas/flame. That should stand up to years of abuse from the charcoal falling on it. BUT he's not sure about the size of the holes or spacing of the flame/gas holes. Can anyone offer any advice on this?
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If you are going that direction, why not buy a log lighter that is already set up for that type of use?
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Log lighter? I want to be able to cook with wood (smoke), OR charcoal, OR propane all in the same grill. I'm trying to find out how to build a manifold to deliver the flame from the propane out of steel pipe. Does that explain this better?
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Not sure if there is a difference - a log lighter in a fireplace lights wood and then sits back with temps that will far exceed your smoking
They have them for both propane and natural gas and I think it could light your charcoal too - it is a tube with holes that runs about 15 inches
I would check it out - you might be able to cut it down if it is too long and thread the end
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No - I want the guy building my grill to CREATE a propane manifold/burner out of steel pipe so that it will not be destroyed when I'm not using it, when I'm using charcoal and the burning charcoal bits ae falling down on it. If I use commercially available propane manifolds/burners they would not last long. I'm envisioning steel pipe that T's into 3 sections of pipe that has holes drilled into the sides for the gas/flame. This way I can either use the fire box to smoke meat, use charcoal and not worry about the propane burners OR use propane to cook with. Want I'm trying to find out is the size of the holes to drill for the gas/flame and the spacing between them. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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My only suggestion would be to look at the size and spacing of holes in a propane grill burner and try that.
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OK - I'll let you know what happens
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Are you talking about a weed burner for starting logs a fire??? Heck you can get one at Harbor Freight for next to nothing.
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check this website out. lots of great info...look towards the bottom for the info on making your own pipe burners!
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Go with a cast iron type burner like shown in the link SmokingOhio said and it will work great. I put one in a old 20gal firebox tank and it does a excellent job maintaining temps in a 250gal smoker I have, and it will out last the tank. Good luck and keep us all post on the build. Show lots of pictures!
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Any updates? I am about to start a 150 gal tank build and may incorporate propane....
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Try bbqpitsbytejas website for your pipe burner. There is also a how to build one yourself on the hobart welding forum website. I built one for my Southern Yankee clone and it works great............Hutch
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I have concerns about mounting any gas burner in a firebox below the fire grate. First if the holes are pointed up it will eventually clog. Flame outs can be darn dangerous and after building my first burner out of black pipe as you are speaking of I backed up and the above link is what I came up with. My smoker will burn minumum temp of 260F with the above configuration.
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Hello johnr, I know what you're looking for and have an answer, kinda. A gas log fireplace set is what you could copy or you could prolly find a used one for cheap and cut it to length. Most sets are 18,24 and 30 inches. Trial and error wood be E Z to do also. 1/32 inch holes every 1 inch wood do for starters and a deflector wood take care of the ash issue. You will have to have an air shutter which wood be costly as well. I think I can find a gas log burner @ my local Habitat store if you want to try that. However I think this burner wood be your best bet. I've seen these @ Academy Sports for about 12 bucks and they will last a life time. Low Pressure Cast Iron BurnerThis low pressure cast burner is designed for lower temperatures and produces up to 40,000 BTU/hr of heat. The cast burner comes with an air shutter and a 90 degree angled 3/8" flare fitting. A straight fitting, as pictured, is available by request. Use with COM#5UL or COM#5NV Low Pressure preset regulator if using with propane. Natural gas version available by request at the same price. Optimum working distance from top of cast to bottom of heated surface is 4". An Insect Screen Guard screen is available as an optional extra. Dimensions: L-9 1/2", W-5 3/4", H- 2 1/2", Diameter. 5 3/4". Weight 5#. Free Shipping.LPCAST34.95

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