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One new/old smoker

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The build started off as a 1951 International Harvester fridge. I stripped it out, plugged all the wholes with guage plugs and gave it a good cleaning. Next came the element which I consulted the forum on and came to the conclusion that a 900w finned heater would work. I mounted the heater to the steel liner and cut a hole in the crisper door for it to act somewhat as a drip pan, then swaped out the glass in the shelf for some expanded metal.

I was set on a smoke generator so my dad said he would tackle it. He built it with O-rings and it seals like no other.

I am also lucky that my dad is a controls and meters guy so he had a ABB C50 PID laying arond that we decided to use along with a timer. The switches on the control panel are for power, the smoke generator air pump, and the timer.

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Next I headed to the scrap yard to get some aluminum for the stack, damper and shelving racks. The shelves will be 15x22. I also scrapped the plastic between the steel liner and the outer fridge.

Finally it was time to run it a little. It will hold temps within 2 degrees of the set point once up and running and the smoke gun works fantastic.

Its seasoning tonight so I might throw some meat at it this weekend. Thanks for all the help with the build.

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Sweet build. Can't wait to see some tasty Q coming out of it. Great jobPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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nice work,you go much pleasure to have PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Dude, that's a thing of beauty. We'll be expectin big thing outta you now!

points.giffor a great build
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Yes I have to agree with all these other guys that's some sweet looking smoker there. I too cann't wait to see the tin blue a flowing out of that one.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great build. Gotta love these old iceboxes getting a second life. Strong work.
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Sweet looking rig. You will soon have some of the best stuff coming out of that refrigerator that it has ever seen.
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I just got an old fridge like that and am starting the search process for much info! Great to see finished products of a build and will continued to scrounge for more in-process pics. Sweet rig, love the paint job...thanks!
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That is one smokin smoker! You did an outstanding job. Wish I had the skills to do a build like that.

Now get to cooking and show us the results!

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Quite pretty .. I lke the Finished look to the professinal PID and the fin place ment.. the paint it not to bad either.!@!! keep it up and DO post of tasty Qview!...

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Thanks for all the kind replys. After smoking some wings, butts, and atbs, I have found that if I were to do it again I would probably run a larger heating element as this one takes 1 hour to heat the unit from 25 to 250 degrees. Not bad but the recovery time while opening for mopping or spraying takes a while. I am working on some heat retainers or capacitors to try to help cope with this. Otherwise it has been a pleasure smoking with it.
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It's beautiful.
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