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Click here to see my belly.

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I finally got around to getting a belly bacon project going. I obtained a hunk of pork belly. The slab weighed in at just under 6 lbs.

Here are a couple pics of the belly

I kept the cure very simple. I measured out the appropriate amount of TenderQuick and added 2 tablespoons each of white & brown sugar. I rubbed it down on all sides and edges for a few minutes.

It cured about 9 1/2 days total. This is a pic after I rinsed the cure off. I taste tested and it was a tad salty. I soaked it for an hour and rechecked and it was much better

Just on the smoker this morning

I tended a tiny fire all day. A small cluster of coals and a chunk of cherry. The temps were mostly between 80 and 90 degrees but I did have occasional spikes up to 120 or so. I then propped lid slightly open or adjust my fire to bring the temp back down. My little fire.

This was after about 6 hours. The pic doesn't show it well but there is starting to be a nice color change on the edges.

This was after about 10 hours

I pulled it off the smoker after about 11 1/2 hours total smoke time. It is now taking a nap in the fridge til tomorrow before slicing. I did cut off another small hunk for a taste test and it is good!

I will post some sliced pics tomorrow
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It sure looks tasty
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Wu that is a fine looking slab 'o bacon.

points.giffor hanging in there with such a long low temp smoke. Looks awesome!
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Looks like a nice slab of bacon...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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WOWThats some really good looking bacon there WuTang. Some you can send some right on over too.points.gifJust have to be awarded for the long and fun smoke.
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Just thought I would say that bacon looks great and hello to a fellow Nebraskan!
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Bacon Bacon Bacon wow this is getten to be bacon paridisePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
nice qview thanks
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Great job at makin bacon! Looking forward to seeing it sliced and cooked. Guys like you make me want to make some myself!
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Very good job, lots of patience!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks great. Ready to see it cut up
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great job!
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That looks great - I am on the last day of curing then I go into the smoker tomorrow - I can not wait. I hope it turns out as good as yours!
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Looks awesome, I am going to have to look into doing my own bacon. Looks fun.
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Lookin good. Bacon, natures perfect food.
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Looking forward to those sliced pics...
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To what I have seen and read, I think you'll be happy with that slab. Nothing beats home made food. It's all good my friend.
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OK so I have to try this now too.

Looks so good
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I got it sliced up after a couple days in the fridge. I have a small Cabela's slicer that does ok for small jobs. The bacon slab was a bit bigger than it could handle easily. I got through about half the slab before I got frustrated and sliced the rest by hand. I ended up with thicker slices that way, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Slices from the slicer on the left, thicker hand cut slices on the right. Along with some scraps from the corners and ends across the top, along with a pile that I cubed for beans and such

A closeup of the thicker hand cut slices.

I cooked a few slices of each and was busy snacking before getting this pic of the last couple. It was great, nothing quite like homemade bacon I guess.

Thanks for checking out my bacon project.
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Great looking finished product, nestle it in with some eggs and toast and you're set for a great breakfast, or wrap up some ABT's and fatties! Great job well done! Looks delicious!
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Looks great Wutang !!!! points.gif

BACON---BACON---BACON---Let the drool begin !

For slicing, I like to cut the pieces smaller for the slicer. I never saw a reason to keep the slices so long. They are easier to fry evenly, if the pieces are shorter anyway.

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