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St. Louis Hamsicles, cured ribs erain style. qview

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A while back erain made some cured ribs and I have been wanting to try it. So I smoked some cured ribs Erain syle. Here are some pics

Rubbed some trimmed spares with TQ

They cured overnight, almost exactly 12 hours. I rinsed them then patted dry and coated with a salt free version of my normal rub

After a couple hours they were ready for foil. I made a bed of honey and brown sugar with just a splash of apple juice.

Just out of the foil. Enough pullback to make bbally ashamed of me.

All done. Smoked for roughly 2-1-1 on the UDS burning RO lump and cherry chunks

The profile shot so you can see the "hammy" cure penetration.

These were good. Just a tad salty but I expected that. Maybe next time I would cure, then soak, then smoke. But definately worth doing. Thanks erain!!!!!
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They look great.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking ribs...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man oh Man those look awesome there Wutang. I dont care I like some pull back with my ribs. But they look really tastey too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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fine looken mess of ribs ya got there.
sorry bbally but i think pback is a must commen
off the smokerPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
goota loose that salt taste though maybe a good soak
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dang, too bad about the too salty.... i just rinsed mine off really good and then made my rub without any salt... thought they were about just right. i really like that honey/brown suger dip you did at the end. sounds very interesting. when i did mine i just used SBR's and layered it on at the end and that was good too. nice job adam!!!points.gif
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They look great, I have a rack of spares I was going to do today, still going to but I wish I had read this yesterday so I could have cured them overnight.
As for the pullback, someone on here mentioned that the pullback gives you a handle to hold on to, just goes to show we are supposed to eat ribs, maybe the membrane could act as a natural napkin too.
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Can someone explain what the curing is doing to the ribs as far as the end result?

Those look fantastic
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I was wondering the same thing. It gives them a somewhat "Hammy taste". You ribs look great Wutang, as does your Erain, I just checked your post on them. This is an absolute must try the next time I make these. Great job to you both.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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taste, texture, its just a different way of making them... i first had cured ribs when i was a kid... my uncle owned a high end restaraunt and he cooked for a family reunion way back in the day... i have remembered them ribs and have heard people comment about them 30 yeears later so i was trying to recreate. its close, real close. i dont think there is any pork that dont go with being cured...
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When I've had baby backs that were "enhanced" I thought they tasted kinda hammy. While I wouldn't consider them cured I wonder if the results in taste and texture would be pretty similar between the two.

Any thoughts?

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Don't get me wrong, they were not WAY too salty-just a bit saltier than I would want next time. Thanks for the inspiration E!!

It's a taste/texture difference. "Hammy" probably isn't quite accurate, but they probably fall somewhere between regular ribs and hamsicles.

There is probably something to that since the "enhanced" solution has some salt like a brine. Makes sense to me.
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Wow excellent job, that had to be good
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