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Good drum for UDS

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I found a steel drum available that was used to hold bio-diesel. I haven't seen it yet, but assume (I know...) it doesn't have a liner, and that with a good hot burn, and some pressure washing it should be fine for a UDS?

My question is on the lid. It has the open top, spring lever locking lid, and has a gasket. I'm sure I can get that gasket out of there, but was wondering about that lever. Are those types of lids ok for a UDS, or would a closed top that I have to cut out be better.

BTW... cost is only $25!
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A drum held biodiesel? Normally that stuff is handled in bulk. As in 500 gallon plus truckloads. But the source of BioD is some type of animal fat or vegetable oil, so I wouldn't worry about the BioD as a contaminant. This assumes it's B100 and not a B5 or B10 blend, which is only 5% or 10% BioD and the rest is regular diesel. Either way, I suppose a hot burn will take good care of that. That orange liner is always the problem and if yours doesn't have one, good deal.

The open top lid is perfect. Throw the locking ring away. The burn will loosen the rubber gasket and if it doesn't fall off, will easily pry off. Regardless of the lid configuration, I would use only one of the bung holes for a vent stack.

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