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Fresh Maine Shrimp

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We pre-paid for shares of fresh Maine shrimp through a local fisherman's co-op this year. We get 5 pounds of fresh shrimp a week for four weeks.

Thought I'd post some qview as I did smoke a few of them.

The five pound bag of shrimp that contains about 200 shrimp:

A close up of a few shrimp:

The shrimp are very delicate, and over cooking them results in mush. The dark areas you see in the photo's are roe.....every shrimp becomes a female, and they all carry roe at this stage in their life.

After a short smoke. I just sprinkled them with a bit of Old Bay and smoked them for about 30 minutes:

A mess of shells that got roasted, then simmered for stock that was used in a nice shrimp and potato chowder.
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wow!! that's all i got.........4 weeks of wow!
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MMmmm shimps!!
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That is a LOT of shrimp! So do you cut the roe out of them or eat it?

Just out of curiosity, care to share what something like this costs you?
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Thread Starter's alot of shrimp, but they are small. With the heads on, you only get about 40-50 per pound.

We eat most of the roe....alot of it will just fall off when you peel the shrimp though. There isn't much taste to it.

I think the shrimp are in the neighborhood of $1.60/pound when you pre-pay for them. It's a short season, and pre-buying helps out local fisherman.
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Cool. Thanks for sharing!
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OH MAN there's nothing like some east coast seafood!!!!! Spent a week in rhode island on buisness & ate like a pig!!!!!!
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