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Ok having a problem...

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I cant get my drum under 350*!
i have all the dampers closed started using less fuel and it still stays high.

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Quick questions:

What type of fuel are you using? How much lit fuel are you starting with? What type of intake system do you have? Is it possible you have air leaks? Have you been taking the lid off very much?

I use Royal Oak lump and start with about 1/4 of a chimney full of lit coals, maybe less. Any air leaks could cause the temps to get away from you. Also taking the lid off to check on things will give the coals a big gulp of air and cause temps to climb
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i'm using lump coal. 1/2 full. For my intakes i have 3 - 1" piping two with nipples one with a ball vavle with a 1" pipe with nipple on the lid. No not opening top lid. just look out my back door try to figure out why the temp is set the he77.
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This is Hot!!! i like this..
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my drum looks like this

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Then my first suggestion is to start with less charcoal. Probably 1/4 chimney at the most. I used to have trouble with high temps but the more I use the drum the more it seems to have settled in.
Then you will like the emblem I put on the drum. Here is my Wu-DS
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Are those holes in your drum that are on either side of your ball valve? Holes don't have to be very big to let your fire get away from you.
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LOL!!! That hot... The 36th drum of shaolin..
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oh no... This is not my drum... i have one that looks like this without the holes.
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You are getting excess combustion air from somewhere. Through the valves, vents, lid, or draft. It won't burn and will cool off and go out without fresh combustion air.

My UDS has two of the 2" bung holes on top and if both are open, one will draw and one will vent. It will take off.......even with the bottom vents closed.

Look all over and you will find it. With an airtight drum, one vent of about 2 inches in diameter and only one small vent open on the bottom, it would be nearly impossible to get temps that high.
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Will check tonight, Oh i almost forgot.... i start this last night at 7pm and it stayed @350*+ for five hours!
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OK! I sparked her up this morning 8am and got the temp down to 300* for the first 3 hours closed one damper and she settled down to 225* PERFECT!!!! its now almost 2pm thats a good 6 hour burn!!! I'M SO HAPPY ;-)
now here's the golden ticket question. I'm not using water should i mop/spray every 1/2 - 1 hour?
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Using water and spritz/mop is not comparing apples to apples, they are used for two very different things. The mop/spritz will add bark to whatever you are cooking. The water (used in water smokers not a UDS) acts at a heat sync. I say mop/spray if that is your desired outcome. But again...opening your drum every half hour to one hour will affect your smoker temps. Try for every hour, and be quick. I haven't moped anything in the drum yet, but do in my gasser because I have to open it anyway to add chips/chunks.
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oh ok, i understand now...
thanks for the insight..
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from what i have read the lump coal is way harder to maintain temps than charcoal. you have to use the minion method as well or you will be too hot.
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minion method?.... never heard of that.
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To the OP (OneDragon), what process did (do) you use to get your charcoal going?

For a long term smoke, I'd fill the basket about 3/4 full with my charcoal, with a few chunks of smoking wood, then get a full chimney of charcoal going off to the side, and when that is glowing hot to the top, dump that on top of the unlit stuff in the basket. I might let it settle for a few minutes, but then would slap the lid on.

I would then let it smoke like hell and stabilize for about 20 minutes to half an hour, waiting for the white smoke to clear out. Then the meat would go on, the lid closed and nothing but smoking would happen for the next several hours. Light blue smoke and temps at 225, hour after hour.
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that is a good explanation of the minion method, worked for me
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She's working perfect now...
Thanks for all the help..

I Did help 6 hour ribs on friday and on Saturday i did two 6lbs pork butts.

I love my UDS!!
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