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Butts in smoker. Question

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So I am not serving the pulled pork tell tomorrow at 7pm almost 35 hours from now. The pork usually takes about 12 hours in the smoker but I've never done 3 at once so I dont know if it will take longer. So here is the question can I keep them wraped in foil in the oven at 100 degrees for a long period of time or will that dry it out? Any other ideas would be appreciated. I usually put it in an ice chest but everyone says 6 hours max for that. So what else? Thanks
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What time are you estimating you'll take them off the smoker?
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I'd smoke em, foil em, rest em and pull em as normal, then bag em. Put them in the refer until ready to serve, then just warm them up. They rehab as good as new, if not better.

Save the liquid gold in the foil pan of course.

I put one in the oven once and it dried out on me. Won't make that mistake again.
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Crank the heat up a bit and use foil. Put them on at 6AM tomorrow.

Or, cook them tonight. Cool them tomorrow morning and reheat in the afternoon.

Either way, I think I'd avoid the 100 degree option.
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i would say, smoke, rest and pull as normal. leave your juices in the pan that you use to pull the butts in. cover pan with foil and refrigerate over night. tomorrow heat oven to 350, let the pan set on counter (like you wold be for smoking) while oven comes to temp. once you have oven to temp, place pan in oven and reheat for about 30 mins. pull pan out and remove foil, toss meat in the juices. if it's not warm enough, recover and put back in oven. if the PP is warm enough after the toss, then get ready to serve.

hope that helps.
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Yea I would love to do this but I wont be home tomorrow going out to the beach for some fun.
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Around 9-10pm
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Sounds good to me thanks for the advice that is one thing im worried about drying them out. thanks for all the great advice.

Im going to put in the foodsaver bags and reheat tomorrow
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I agree with the Warden on this one. Once pulled though squirt on some of that finishing sauce. The recipe is found in a sticky in the pork forum. Quick and easy to make and adds great flavor as well as a little extra moisture for keeping.
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sounds like a plan! i have smoked pp up to a week ahead of time & thrown in freezer, taken it out the day before to thaw added juices & a little water to crock pot & let go & has turned out fine.
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I will have to remember that. A friend of mine uses the foodsaver bags and steams them but thats a lot of meat in the food saver bags
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i will be doing 75lb of pp in a few weeks & that is how i will do it. will cook it on a Sunday & serve it on Friday.will food saver it while storeing. They also want it saused so that helps keep it from drying out also when reheating.
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75LB dang! what kind of smoker do you have? I have an EBC and I can only fit 4 PP at a time
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If these are going to be served tomorrow, putting the PP back in the foil pan is as good an idea as bagging them. In the pan, finishing sauce or juice and foil back on top. Outside to cool down (sub 40 degree temps) or into the refer. Ready to reheat as is.

BTW, when do we eat?

(Have fork.....will travel)
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Okay sounds good. We eat tomorrow at 7pm LOL. Im gonna put in pan with finishing sauce and foil in fridge then tomorrow put in 350 oven and heat tell warm then serve!
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sounds like you got evrything under control now. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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