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.99/Pound Brisket at Kroger

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I like to put this out there when Kroger has the sale on briskets for .99/pound. Hope some can enjoy the prices.
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our kroger stores just had them on sale but it was $1.99 up here.
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Thanks for the head up!! I will pick one up this weekend.
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Lucky dog! We never see brisket that low around here....icon_neutral.gif

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yeah i just bought one at krogers sat. 1.99 a # darn
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I just added this very thing to General posting . Didn't even look just went to posting ..thanks for puting out ...

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3 DAYS only dude read the online add for dates
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You are right. Thanks triple B
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I am going to buy 2 and a case of beer (to get my $10 purchase) after work here in the Dallas area (Plano).
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Bummer cause we don't have any Krogers around here. But I can get them for 1.69 lb a resturant depot here.
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Don't have them here.....wish I did
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No Krogers here either (I miss them icon_neutral.gif) but we do have a Walmart with full packers for the same price, $1.69lb. Otherwise it is a trimmed down flat for $4.99lb PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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