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WalMart MiniMe Brisket Question

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I picked up a 4.5 pound (MiniMe) brisket from Walmart today. Since I am noob I have a few questions?

1) What part of the brisket is this?

2) What are the recommendations for cooking this time, temp.

3) Anything else I should know?

Sorry for the noob questions and thanks for the help!
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pics we need pics
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Opps sorry, digi cam is at work so i will have to get them tomorrow.
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It's probably a flat. If it's thin I'd smoke it at a lower temp. 220 -230. Take it to 150 double wrap in foil then back on until it hits 160. Take it off and wrap in towels and into the cooler for an hour. Take it out and slice it across the grain
Don't forget to save the juices in the foil. Remove the fat and baste the meat lightly with the juices. Enjoy!!!
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Also, if it still has some fat on it, I would cook it fat down in a small foil pan. Still do the bacon on top. The pan will keep you from losing any of the juice and it will keep the meat more moist. Plus, when it hits about 170, foil the top of the pan and continue until 190-195. Remove from the pan and rest as Gun suggests above.
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I would say you have part of the flat cause in all my buying meat to smoke I have never seen a point by itself. It's a good hunk of meat and is there some fat on it hopefully they left you some fat to help keep the meat moist.
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I completely agree, if it isn't a full packer then it is almost definitely a flat cut.
Only time I have ever seen a point by itself is with corned beef cuts but never a plain brisket.
Wish someone would though, I would be making burnt ends all the time!
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I get all my briskys from Wallyworld - you have a flat - full packers are always over 10 Lbs. (at least at my WM)

Numerous ways to do it but on a smaller piece of beef like what you have you can dry out very quickly. Injecting would help.
I would start fat side up - then flip and add some bacon strips. Watch your temps closely and foil at around 165 with some liquid (beef broth - apple juice, etc.) and then put back in smoker until tender (200 degrees or so - use a ice pick or similar to probe - should glide in with little resistance (like butta) then pull out wrap in a towel and put in a cooler for as long as you can stand it. Cut accross the grain and enjoy!
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You could always cure it and make pastrami, then you can cook it and pull at a lower temp and have no worries about anything drying out, thought if you follow the tips folks have given you will be fine.
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