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Char Grill Models

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Hey guys..Looking at the char griller website here and I see 3-4 models of the char grill smoker. Seems there all the same except for the size of the cooking area...Is this right or am I missing something haha

Lowes has the #2121 for 139.00. I kinda like the Outlaw seeing it has the most space. Academy has it with SFB for like 175.00

Anyway just asking to make sure I am not missing something here

Is one model more popular than the others?


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If the 2121 is the Super Pro, I just bought one before Xmas at Lowe's for $99.00. SFB was extra. Added the side burner and did the mods in the sticky. Plenty of room for enough food for my wife and I.
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Yeah the Char-griller line is basically the side firebox with a differant sized main chaimber. One thing to be aware of is that they are fuel hogs compared to some of the more efficient cookers. So the bigger the main chaimber the more fuel you will need to keep it going.

I have the Smokin Pro 800 and love it. I have plenty of room to cook for a crowd. But it is not so big that I can't fire it up to just cook some chicken for the family.
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I have the Super Pro with the added SFB & I can get a lot of food on there at once. The Outlaw is bigger & will hold more food. Since you have a larger cooking area to heat, you will use more fuel. IOW, cooking 2 butts on an Outlaw will consume significantly more fuel that cooking 2 butts on a Super/Smoking Pro. However, that is a good deal on the Outlaw w/SFB.

Here are some pics of my Super Pro with food so you maybe can determine if you need the extra space of the Outlaw.

Two 9# butts and some ABTs with room to spare

Large rib rack w/2 racks & 2 dozen ABTs. I added a pan of baked beans later

Three large racks of spares without a rib rack
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Yeah I thought all was the same but the cooking area. I have a 3 burner gas grill, so the this one will only be for smokin..and maaybbee a charcoal cook now and again. Prolly stick with the pro model range. Im not smokin enough to feed an army ya know and fuel is precious lol.


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