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Cover for my Chargriller!

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Anyone know where to get a good, THICK cover for my Char-griller with side fire box?

I have gone through several that we get from Home Depot or Lowes, but they are thin & rip after a couple of months of taking off & putting back on.

I know someone sells one...I was on a chimney fire call one day & the person had a good thick cover on theirs. I never had a chance to ask the homeowner where they got it!
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The Char-griller website maybe? Not sure.
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This is where I got mine:
That's the one I got. I have the smokin pro with SFB. It's pretty durable.
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Just get yourself a outdoor furniture sofa cover. I have a chargriller duo with SFB and it covers it well and never had a problem with tears, etc.
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The local supply store sells some cheapies and some better ones for $60

they got the 1/8 inch thick firebox bottoms for the brinkmans for $15 also
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I bought the one from chargriller. It's windy by where i'm at so the wind ripped it up in no time. I ended up throwing it away and now I have no cover.
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Mels has a very good reputation
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Thanks everyone! I plan to compare the part # for the one on the site to the one at Lowes.

I am also checking out Mel's as soon as I finish here...
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You can do Like I did. I did away with having to cover the grills after using them.
I just covered all of them with some wood.
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do any of you fellas leave your char griller uncovered? will it rust badly? I hate covers....never cover my gas grill
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This is a great idea, and I might also suggest you look into a motorcycle cover. They are easy to find and will fit over the smoker. Some have insulated linings to prevent a hot tailpipe from burning through the cover, and this could work for covering something that is still warm, if necessary.
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Smoker Covers

I gave up on finding one that would fit. I measured up on side and down the other both ways and bought a tarp that size and some bungy cords.
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Depends on your set up. Covered BBQ area or not? Rainy area or sea salt air? ect. ect.

I have a covered porch so I don't use a cover and other than the fire box mine looks fine. The firebox will rust, almost gurantee - it just gets to dang hot and the paint peals off. But it is just surface rust so you can just clean it with a wire brush and repaint it once a year and generally do good.
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pick up the chargriller cover at lowes for 28 bucks.. it's made to cover the grill plus SFB
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