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Here's that link to different woods, their characteristics and what they pair well with.

I like oak, cherry and apple
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Like quite a few others here, I love apple and cherry for smoking...
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Diddo on the peach - I have a big limb from the neighbor's tree that should be ready come spring time. I've never used Peach, so can't wait to try it.
Double Diddo on Mesquite - I just don't care for the flavor.

I use chipped oak for fuel in my smoker, and unless I'm doing poultry for the Mrs's, it will have either hickory or apple, or both in it! I have used pecan and really liked it, but can't seem to find it here. Guess Bassman has it all bought up icon_smile.gif.

That pretty much does it for me. Had a bad experience with maple one time, and like chinese food - when I find something I like, I stick with it!
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kinda like most here said once you grad.from hickory fruit wood is great.
i still keep alot of hickory around but my second choice is plum then cherry & apple
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I so wish I could give you some pecan wood, or pecans, or the hulls the hateful little squirrels leave everywhere, or the green stuff they drop in the spring. ugh. I'm a little bitter toward pecan trees. It's got to be the most available wood here...and yet I almost never use it lol. icon_smile.gif
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