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sholder question

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Why couldn't a man smoke a sholder in a foil pan in the smoker so to catch all the juice to skim fat and add later when pulling has this been done or is it a bad Idea, Second I generaly don't turn my sholders but with the meat sitting in all that goodness should it be turned mid way?
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You can do it that way and flip if you want to. Results will be different than not in a pan, but still good.
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well i dont want difrent results maby I just put it under the rack under the meat?
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That would be the way to go, providing that you have room under your grate to do so.
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One thing I really like about smoking is that it's sort of a low-fat way to cook meat. A lot of the fats are rendered out and either drip on other meat flavoring it, or drop to the bottom.

When I save my juices to add back in, I always let them drip into a separate pan so that the meat isn't sitting in the fats. That way I can take the pan and put it in the fridge, let it cool, and since most all of the fat, especially the bad fats, float to the top, I can just skim it off and all I have left are the juices to use how I see fit - either to add back in or make a stock or gravy (and then I use a bit of that fat I just skimmed off to get the flour right).
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Now theres no written rule that I have seen here that says you cann't smoke a shoulder or any other piece of meat in a pan. You can smoke it anyway that you want we are here to advice but not to tell you that you cann't smoke something another way. Now there some folks here that do put there butts or shoulders in a pan after the 165 mark. I also think that Rons uses a pan alot here to. So just do it your way and don't forget the Qview cause there might be some others that want to try it that way to.
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Different is not always bad, consider it another option to your cooking. I personally like to change things up at times.

Results will always vary person to person. the type of smoker they use,gas,lectric, charcoal,or wood, all will be different, and good.

In this sport, you have to adapt,overcome,and improvise that all ='s change and different.
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