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first chuck

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hi folks
going to do my first chuckroast this weekend, actually my first beef period.
looking for suggestions on cook temps and procedure.
i was thinking it was simular to doing a butt.
any input will be appreciated.
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watch your post real close, bought one today to smoke and have never done one....so was almost ready to post your same questions !

Q Dawg
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i do mine @ about 250 until it gets to 195 to 200 then foil, and toss in a cooler for a few hours before pulling.

Basic rub(kosher salt, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, etc).

There are alot of succesful chuckie threads on here take a look at those for more tips.

good luck
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I'm with Jim ^^^^ with this one he is leading you do that right trail to flavortown. Do just what he said and you'll be the hero of the house for sure. What kind of wood are you using.??
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