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Check out the many threads on the Char Griller Smokin Pro w/SFB. There are a ton of mods to make it smoke as close as $300 can get to the big boys. I got mine modded to an offset and it works great.

Good luck!

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mite build bigger Deck
just kidding around
sorry my baticon_smile.gif
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For a vertical coal/wood, small footprint, and lots of space... I would look at a 22" WSM, lots of bang for the buck and easy to use.
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For $200 less you can make a kick ass UDS with Weber lid.
Similar cooking surface area with much more fuel efficiency!!
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No, I'm not giving up on it just yet and don't get me wrong, I was able to shoehorn a 10 lb brisket on mine. Guess I'm just a little disappointed with the quality and efficiency of it, but you get what you pay for, right? I've looked high and low for one of those New Braunfels, with no luck.

I've been using both charcoal and wood in mine too, I have a bunch of well seasoned oak that I've split that seems to work really well. Thanks.

Ha..I've thought about putting a concrete pad out in the yard for a larger smoker, still might do that.

I like that idea, just need to find someone who could put one together for me.
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Chargriller, can't beat it for the price and with a few mods you have one fine high capacity smoker.
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i agree with Wort... i dunno if were u live if there are Rural King stores but i bought my smoking pro there last month for $159 and that is with the firebox
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