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To pan or not

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Do you smoke your shoulder or butt in a pan or just lay in the smoker on the rack ? Thanks I will not shut up and listen !
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Right on the rack for me.
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On the rack!!! Then into a foil pan and foil covered if I'm gonna pull it. icon_mrgreen.gif
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on the rack for me to
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I smoke both ways, just depends on if I want to keep the drippings or not. Actuaslly, in the pan does help in keeping it from drying out at times. It's all good my friend.
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on the rack, un-foiled for as long as it takes to get to 195-200.
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Only smoked one so far (too much other stuff to try) straight on the rack until 160* then in foil with a little apple juice to 200*. It was fantastic served with the finishing sauce recipe I got here!!!

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I personally like my butts straight on the grates all the way.
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I usually cook all my pork in the same manner. On the grate for 60-90 minutes depending on heat and smoke (I prefer not to have a thick bark). Then, it is covered in a foil pan until 170 degrees is reached. That way it gets the smoke I like without drying out.
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I like mine on the rack until 140* with a good smoke ring going. I then tent and go till 190* with some liquid, pull and let rest for a couple hours, just can't hury goodness. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Ive always done mine on the rack the whole way without foiling.....BUT!!!!!!! I started foiling ribs (3-2-1) and will not go back.. Im gonna foil my next ones and see how I like the butts foiled...I think its all good though
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i got a question along the same lines, what is the benefit to using a drip pan under the meat, and is it necessary?
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On the rack only. Never use a pan.
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Never use a pan, just put em on the rack. Just how I do it. If ya wanna keep the juices ya could put a pan under it.
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Actually, I like the pan so I can keep the drippings and it also keeps the meat moist, but I put the butt on a rack in the pan. It keeps the meat out of the liquid and doesn't let it get "mushy" on the bottom. Low and Slow is key. 160-180 internal temp. and it's ready to rest and pull. You can then skim the fat and keep the drippings to add back to the pork when you re-heat. I usually cook the day before the party. Be prepared to make a day of it.  Good Q can't be rushed! Good luck!

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On the rack, no foil. Don't bother to catch the drippings either.

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Originally Posted by schaydu View Post

i got a question along the same lines, what is the benefit to using a drip pan under the meat, and is it necessary?

A lot of guys catch the drippings in a foil pan. Some of them put beef or chicken broth and a chopped up onion, maybe a few garlic cloves in there also. When the butt is done you take the drippings & broth mixture, put it in the freezer to separate the fat. Remove the fat then pour the remaining liquid over your pulled pork.


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What Smokin Al said.  Don't let any of that good flavor get away.  The only thing I do different is put the drippings and vegs in a sauce pan to bring to a boil for a while before skimming and serving.


You can always add a touch of cornstarch or flour if you want a thicker gravy to serve with mashed potatoes

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