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tenderloin suggestions please?

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We have an upcoming valentine party and some of our friends have requested we bring a smoked pork tenderloin again. I'm mostly okay with that, still a little timid smoking pork and chicken etc because of getting safe temperatures and such. It would devastate me to make someone sickPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

So, I'm gonna do the tenderloin but the theme of the potluck is Italian food. Anyone have any suggestions how I can smoke a tenderloin that fits in the Italian theme? I've been considering trying to butterfly and stuff a loin but not sure I want to have a party as my test run lol

Thank you!!

by the way this forum is SO awesome. I can't seem to drag myself away from all the information and things to learn! icon_smile.gif
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Well I can't help you with any Italian flavor ideas for this, but I will tell you to simply make sure you have a good, accurate thermometer. Not only for the safety factor of the meat, but to make sure your loin comes out just the way you want it, not under or over done. As you know, there are so many members here and someone will come along with a knock out recipe for you. Make sure you take some pics of it as you know, we like to seebiggrin.gif
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It's really hard to pass up on a stuffed tenderloin. Slice it open, layer it with baby spinach, feta cheese, black olives and provolone. Tie it up and rub it down with olive oil, sprinkle with italian seasonings. Smoke it to 160 internal... you are good to go. Heat up a little sauce to dip it in and folks will be fighten to get to it. These things are awesome.

Stuffed Tenderloin Post
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Marinade it in Italian Dressing overnight...

Drap some bacon over it while smoking to keep it moist.

I'm not sure the finish temp, I always just went by time and looks for a loin.

Maybe slice it and offer a Italian dip/sauce of some sort to dip the slices into...
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Then again, I got to try this one for sure, good job PignIt PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Damm, that does sound good. You have a link for one you made? Would love to see it. biggrin.gif
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Meant to post it before.... here is one of the many I've done. I love these things. It's a little variation on the recipe I gave but it's basically the same process. Always smoke to internal temp. On a stuff tenderloin that would be 160. If your not stuffing, injecting or marinading... you can actually get away with anything from 140 to 155. Just a matter of how you like it.

Stuffed Tenderloin
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Melindab, I think if you go with piginits smoke, you would be looked upon as a goddess to your friends and family. Man does that smoke look amazing.
Whether you go with piginits or one of your own creation, don't worry, it will be great. We have faith in youPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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holy cow pignit! literally! I seriously have to do the stuffed thing. Thank you for posting internal temp too, that helps lots!
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It's a tad confusing starting out about internal temps. A piece of meat as small as the tenderloin is going to raise 3 to 5 degrees when covered to rest so you could pull the tenderloin at 155-157 and your going to be good to go. Your internal will be at 160 before you cut it open if you let it rest. Stuffing is going to keep anything from drying out but I wouldn't leave it in any longer than 160-165. If you were doing a intact whole tenderloin, I wouldn't let it go past 155 as it will tend to dry out. You could actually pull an intact tenderloin as soon as 140 and still be safe to eat. I don't care for them that rare but many folks do. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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I think that the first way that said Pig It brought up is the way to do it also cause I'm gonna have to try it for you if you want.??
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In addition to this method you can rub the outside with a Packet of Italian Dressing Mix.

PignIt's looks might fine too.
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That better be a big Tenderloin PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif

Or maybe you meant a Loin. icon_question.gif
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I don't know where you get your pigs but in these parts a loin is three times that size. They are tenderloins... come two to a pack from Krogers. They had them on sale and you could get a two pack for right at 5 bucks and I bought a dozen and froze them.
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As I stated, it would have to be a pretty big tenderloin as they are usually quite smaller than a loin. I can easily see stuffing a loin, but a tenderloin I just normally roll around on a grill for a short time.
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They were right at 1.5 pounds apiece. On sale for 1.99 per pound and the package was a little under 6 bucks. Quite a bit smaller than a loin. They are excellent stuffed.
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PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif LOL, I must cut bigger chunks of goodies than you. icon_mrgreen.gif
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At what temp did you smoke these? Could this be my next smoke???????
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No problem laying out even up to 3 tenderloins, opened up and pounded a little, overlap about 3/4 of an inch. When you roll, just be gentle and secure good with twine.

For an italian variation I like to stuff with spinach, gorgonzola and fresh chestnuts. After rolling and tieing, season with garlic, s+p, light oregano and fennel seeds(ground is better).

Sorry no pics to back up my big ideas.
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What about a loin?

Can I do this with simply a boneless loin? It's about 4.5 pounds.
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