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How should I store freshly smoked sausage?

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Ok, I just smoked a batch of polish sausage and I havent even thought of how to store it in the fridge. I dont have any butcher paper. Any suggestions? And yes, qview is coming. Gotta wait for lil dude to hit the sack first.
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How long are you looking to save it before you eat it? If it won't be more than a couple of weeks to a month or so you can just put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer they don't get freezer burnt but if you are looking to store for long term you better get them in freezer paper or vacume seal them. If you are just storing them in the fridge becaue you are going to eat them soon I would just put them in any sealable bag or tupperware container you have but I wouldn't leave them in there for too long.
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If you mean for freezing, then ziplock freezer bags. Get yourself some butcher paper for any future sausage making. You have a foodsaver system? If not, and you think you may be making more sausages in the future, they are a must have. No need to buy a new one, goodwill stores have them everytime I go I go into one. Keep an eye out for one. They work great.
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What he said.............................................. ......................................
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I do have a foodsaver...didnt even think of that, havent used it in so long. I guess I'll run over to Khols and get some plastic for it. Is there a prefered place online to get them for cheap?
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I just asked this question in a it is
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There was just a post yesterday or the day before on a deal on bags. Do a search for it, if I come across it, I will post it here for you.

A tip that works rather well, at least I think it does icon_mrgreen.gif.
Get your sausages frozen first, by setting them on a cookie sheet then once they are nice and hard, put them in the bags. You can put them in there unfrozen, but I find when I use my foodsaver and they are soft, they "squish" on me, sometimes squirting the meat out the ends a bit. Just a thought.

Update, try these
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