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Hey gang, thanks for the comments. I'm trying to come up with an idea for the handles on the drum-set smoker. I thought of drum sticks but they would be too small. I have a friend with a wood lathe. I may talk to him bout makin some over size drum sticks for the handles.

RdKnB, I have been wanting to get him private lessons. It all goes back to that being laid off crap. Hopefully be back to work soon.

Thanx again for the encouragement. Jacob says he's ready when I am to start on this.

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Not to shabby at all for 9 months in. Practice Practice Practice. If you do get him some private professional lessons he will really improve even more. I remember when my brother was an awesome drummer in highschool and he went to music tech for a year and a half and took lessons from Gordy Knudtson the drummer for Steve Miller Band and he came back being able to do stuff that just blows your mind.
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Very cool smoker design both of you have there. On a side note, as an ex pro sound engineer front of house and monitor, I've worked with the biggest names in rock, jazz and country, not bragging here, I'm just saying he has talent, you think he's good now just wait about 6-8 more months and that light bulb will explode when it all comes together. I've seen it many times in 30 years.
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Wow, your son has talent. Pretty darn good for only playing 9 months. He's about the same age I was when I started playing. I still have my set but don't play much.

My 11 year old son has shown some interest but is no where near as good as your son.

I don't know what you mean by that but I would say BS!! Just support him and let him play. You don't need to stress that you can't afford private lessons. Does his school have a jazz band? Playing with a jazz band is a very educational experience. Get him a set of headphones (if he doesn't have one already) and just have him play along with CDs to anything he can get his hands on. You'll be amazed at what he picks up and learns by listening to other drummers.

You can tell by listening to him and watching him that he just 'feels" the music. It comes very naturally for him. Lots of kids can do a basic beat but the fills aren't smooth, and they fall out of time a lot. Your son seems to just feel the beat and does not struggle to follow along at all and has no problem throwing in some fills and still coming out in time. And he looks very relaxed while he's doing it which shows it comes pretty natural to him.

He's doing great. Hope he keeps it up. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Wow! Did I count 6 rack toms? That's an awesome set. Maybe if you sat down and played them more, your son my get the bug.
As for our school jazz band, they have no such thing. They have a school band and they won't let Jacob play the drums because he started band a year late. Instead of starting in the 5th grade, he started in the 6th. They have him playing the trombone. He's bumbed out on that. I've already had it out with the band teacher; it didn't help.

Thanks Dave. I've also noticed him when he is playing that he just seems relaxed and comfortable. My step-daughter hangs out with these guys and and they just play around in the garage there. They asked her if I would bring Jacob over just to see how he does. Well after he started playin, my step-daughter looked at me and I at her with our mouths open and it was like "Huh, where did he learn this stuff?" It was almost like he knew all along what he was doing. LOL.

Note: Jeff, sorry about this thread turning into a drum-set thread. I am designing a drum-set smoker and it sorta just turned in to this.

Thanks everyone for your great comments.

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