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Question about rib rack?

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I am new to smoking and had a friend of mine tell me he only smokes his ribs if they are on a rib rack. I have a Old Country 20" Heavy Duty Smoker and have only smoked ribs twice with it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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rib racks are ok if your doing alot and dont have room , but if you have plenty of space just cook them flat on the racks.
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I have a rib rack and some times I use it and some times I don't. I get great results weather I use it or not.
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U have never used a rib rack but if you do your not commenting a sin or anything. Alot of folks here use them whn they don't have enough room. You can get alot more ribs on a grill with a rack but with my new smoker (vault 24") i can get maybe 6-8 racks and if I need more then that I do have another smoker I'll be looking for a bigger and better smoker.
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Like these guys said, use one if you don't have enough room to fit the ribs and don't bother if you have the space.
Putting them in a rack or laying them flat won't be the key to an awesome rack of ribs the thing that really matters is your meat, rub, smoke and temperature. Those are the things that will produce a great meal and not the way you set the ribs in the smoker.
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Thanks for all the info!!!
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