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Ok, First Attempt w/Qview

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I decided to give the fatties a try on Saturday. We ended up going to a last minute get together so took it with us so I wouldn't have to throw something together to take! Sorry for no finished result qview but I didn't want to slice it before taking it and also didn't want the awkward moment of taking a picture at the party icon_redface.gif

Filling was baby spinach, fresh mozzarella, chopped mushrooms and chopped marinated artichoke hearts. We didn't bring any home and had numerous compliments so I'm pretty pleased with the first try...looking forward to making improvements for the next time PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

coated with Dan's Kick Ass Rub- probably my most favorite to use!

on the smoker next to the brisket icon_smile.gif ...I have to apologize for the foil under the fattie. I know that's a cardinal sin to a lot of seasoned smokers/bbq'ers but I unfortunately didn't see the tip about tightening the roll with plastic wrap and got a little spazzy about a blow out or the whole thing falling apart. In the end, it held its shape just fine so next time I will be more confident and have more tips from other threads!

thanks for looking and letting me share!
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Looking great, nice work!
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looks very good!
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Fatty looks great, well done.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That's a might fine job on that fatty.
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Yep Nice looking Fattie.

Personally I am too lazy to weave my bacon, I just slap it on there. When you do the saran wrap squeeze thing, put it in the fridge till its well chilled. This will help it keep its shape till the outside layer of meat has had a chance to cook a bit which aids in keeping it together without having a blowout. I also take a tapered chopstick or even a fork and make 3 holes in the very top of the fattie for steam to escape. That way no pressure builds up. I find having steam holes keeps melting cheese from escaping out the sides of the fattie.
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Nice job. Congrats on your first fatty. How did it turn out?
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Congrats on a great smoke, I know the Q was up to par. I like your choice of fillings, very flavorful and aromatic. Points to you for a great first smoke.
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