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Thanks for the Honorable Mention!
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Thanks for the nice comment.
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Thanks for the award. The roof is doing its job great. The goal was to keep moisture away from the control panel and the opening on the top that exposes the electronics. I figure the rain and snow won't hurt the sides or door.
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Added another cart mod to honorable mention.. and

rolling stand w/cabinet somehow missed these two nice additions...

Cart Modification by Oneshot

Rolling stand w/ cabinet space by donnylove

Rolling Stand by JamminJimi

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I had overlooked scubadoo97's MES rewire, he did a excellent job of photo documenting this for MES owners.

I add his mod to the Honorable Mention MES HOT MODs.
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Added Texacajun's excellent 800 watt to 1200 watt element upgrade mod to MES HOT MOD list here.

Texacajun is awarded a MES HOT MOD award for his effort to document and share with the MES Owners this fine mod tutorial here.

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Added to MES Hot Mods list here.

MES On Wheels
, by TJohnson
TJohnson, did a great job of showing clearly his mod with good pictures and clearly explained how he created his mod. However it would be nice if his MES on Wheels could turn, from the pics I think it will only go back and forth.

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Added new MES HOT MOD AWARD, is located here scroll down.


E-Smoking! (PID install) by sparksnsaaben

Excellent instructions and pictures on creative use of PID install for internet monitoring a MES smoker.


sparksnsaabens - PID install   sparksnsaabens -award

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Wow, thanks.

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Added Bearcarver's Vent Bug Screen to the MES HOT MOD Honorable Mention list.


Thank you Bearcarver for taking the time to photograph and share you MES HOT MOD creation.

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Added StephenH new MES / Smoke Daddy mod to the MES HOT MODS list


Congratulations!   Thanks so much for taking the time to document with pics, the work you did and then share it with the MES community.


2e076a1a201007262017004.jpg  stephenh.jpg

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Thanks, I am honored to have my humble modification listed with so many outstanding ones.


I put it to a full-out test yesterday when I smoked two fatties in the morning, then smoked a rack of ribs in the afternoon.  It performed marvelously.  I like being able to remove the smoke generator easily afterward for clean-up.

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MES owners I am reviving the old MES HOT Mods & related Mods or Creations Thread.


I created this thread to give recognition to MES mod innovators and hopefully inspire new MES owner to create Mods for their MES.


I will go through the MES posts of the last 14 months and add deserving mods to the list and mod creators will be recognized for their contribution.


You will notice there are two categories:

• MES HOT MODS with awards

• MES HOT MODS honorable mention


MES hot Mods with awards, this category is for MES Mods that are original (after some research the creator is the first to add this mod to the MES).  Or to those that significantly advanced a previous MES MOD creation.   Mods need to have picture documentation, and some writeup.  The more pics and a clear how-to explanation is greatly appreciated.

Recognition for this category includes, a posted announcement thread with a Hot MES MOD certificate of appreciation, and that mods addition to the Hot MES Mod list.


MES Hot Mods with honorable mention, this category is for Mods already in use, however the recipient getting honorable mention has done one or more of the following:

Written a clear how-to create and install the mod and includes pictures.  Made minor improvements to the mod, or the application and installation of the MOD was high quality.

No certificate will be awarded, however recognition will be posted in a announcement thread and of course added to the honorable mention list above.


MES owners, if you know of deserving MES mods during the past 14 months please PM me and I will add them to the list.


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