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Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters w/qview

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The weather was decent here yesterday so I decided to smoke up some chicken. Just a simple rub of salt and pepper smoked over hickory and charcoal, then brushed with some A&W root beer bbq sauce at the end.
Served it up with some southwestern macaroni salad and warm carrot salad.

Thanks for looking.
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Very nice, mac salad sounds intresting
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looks good!!
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Nice, very nice! My favorite hunk a the bird right there!
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Awesome work, looks yummy! :)
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Love those leg quarters!

Details on the warm carrot salad?
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Great looking feast Fired Up!
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Yes thats some really good eating there Brad. I also like the carrot salad and will like it better if you share??
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That looks great, been a while since I've done any leg quarters, I think it's about time I do.
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Mmmm Hmmmm

Love me some quarters! Got 20lbs of em in the freezer right now. Better get thawing. You made me jones!

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